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MSCHF brings new bold concept called the BWD

March 30, 2023 12:00 AM
MSCHF brings new bold concept called the BWD

MSCHF loves to create bold concepts, their last viral shoe was of course the Big Red Boot. MSCHF is not new to the scene and has been creating unique items since 2016. Once again, we are not disappointed as the MSCHF BWD will be released on April 11, 2023. Read on quickly to find out what the new drop entails, as this sneaker needs a little more context than your go-to pair.

To explain it as briefly as possible; the sneaker is two-sided. The BWD is actually a kind of sandal with the look of a kind of skate sneaker. The upper has two collars and the model can be worn two ways.

There's no getting around it, this sneaker sandal combo has a futuristic look highlighted by the bright orange colours. The black side of the midsole comes with tiny white dots that look like stars in the universe. Besides the white details on the midsole, it also includes some branding details. Check out the official pictures below to see all the details of the sneaker.


The MSCHF BWD will drop on April 11, 2023. Stay up to date on everything going on in the sneaker world via our news page.

MSCHF BWD with model
MSCHF BWD with model and stairs
MSCHF BWD models and stairs
MSCHF BWD white side
MSCHF BWD orange side
MSCHF BWD detail
MSCHF BWD details
MSCHF BWD collage with a model and the pair