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Meet four power women from the world of sneakers

March 8, 2022 1:23 PM
Meet four power women from the world of sneakers

Today, Tuesday 8 March 2022, is once again International Women's Day, dear community. A day that we can't let pass without special content of course. That's why today we would like to introduce you to four power women who, like us, have a passion for sneakers and play a role in the scene. May we introduce: Titi Finlay, Alexandra Hackett, Wayta Monzón and Dani Buck.

Titi Finlay

Titi Finlay is a content creator specialising in sportswear, sneakerwear and sneakers. No matter what social media channel, she's got it.

Titi has worked at ASOS and is currently in charge of social media for sneaker marketplace Laced HQ. But she also brings her unique perspective at Nike and has even designed her own Air Max 90.

Titi Finlay
Titi Finlay Air Max 90 | Foto: @ttfinlay

Titi has made it her mission to make women's voices heard in the world of sneakers. She believes that more women should hold higher positions so that more women can make important decisions. An example for her is also the problem with sizes. Many sneakers don't come in women's sizes, so women don't even get the chance to buy one of these pairs.

She wants to draw attention to such problems by making statements on Instagram, among other places. These are stories that need to be heard. You can get an impression below:

Alexandra Hackett

Alexandra Hackett, aka miniswoosh, is an Australian designer who focuses on researching the functionality of sportswear. She hopes to extend the life of existing products in this way. With this goal in mind, she also founded her own company called Studio ALCH. Here she breathes new life into old products.

In 2017, she was allowed to design a sneaker for the Vote Forward campaign with twelve other creatives. That was also when her career really took off.

Alexandra hackett powervrouwen
Alexandra Hackett, miniswoosh | Foto: Hype DC

Alexandra is a big fan of Nike, which is also evident on her Instagram name miniswoosh. Her account is full of Nike products that she has upcycled. But she also uses her page to share her knowledge and encourage her community to live environmentally conscious. We think she is a great asset to the world of sneakers.

Wayta Monzón

Wayta Monzón is a talented art director and photographer. On her Instagram account waytamonzon, she shares photos of herself, her nails and her kicks. Her photography skills are not neglected either. She has been featured on the covers of popular magazines such as Cosmo and Glamour. She has also shot photos for well-known companies like Sony Music.

Wayta Monzón | Foto: @waytamonzon

With her work, she wants to help make a difference in the fashion and advertising industry. She believes it is important for women to stand up for their rights and their culture. She also shows this on Instagram. There she often uses women for her shots and stands up for women's rights.

Dani Buck

Dani Buck, better known as wideawakearthquake on Instagram, is a sneaker collector, content creator and DJane from Germany. A real celebrity in the world of sneakers that you surely know too, dear community. She started her account in 2013, where she expresses her passion for streetwear, art and travel. Dani has a large collection of kicks, including New Balance, Nike, adidas and other well-known brands.

Dani Buck powervrouwen
Dani Buck | Foto: @wideawakearthquake

She also focuses on LGBTQ+ rights. She does this for example by defending and promoting gender equality in her work. In doing so, she also shares her own experiences and hopes that other people will feel less excluded when they hear about them.

These four power women all have their own important mission, and this is reflected in their work. They use the Instagram platform wisely to get this mission out there. We hope that they will continue to do so and that their story, just like that of all the other women in this world, will be heard.

For more content about women in the sneaker scene, check out our sneakerjagers_wmns channel on instagram! You can also find trendy sneakers for women in our sneaker search engine.

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