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Latest episode Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show - with guest Diego

April 19, 2023 8:09 PM
Latest episode Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show - with guest Diego

De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show is back! The well-known Sneakerjagers show has been given a new look and a new episode is released every two weeks. In the show, Tim Beumers and Tommy Triggah talk to guests about the most remarkable events in the sneaker scene. The second episode is already available online and features guest Diego in the studio.

De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show

The well-known Sneakerjagers is back. In the new season of The Great Tim & Tom Sneaker Show, Tim and Tom keep you up to date on the latest releases and news. This season, they are not alone and a new guest is invited to every episode.

Beelden Sneakerjagers

In the second episode, none other than Diego Lopulalan is a guest, better known under the name Diego de Soysa. Diego describes himself best as a 'shoe farmer' and deals in sneakers. With about 26 years of experience in the sneaker game, he still enjoys seeing new and old sneakers every day.

Besides a passion for sneakers, Diego is also a big fan of cars. On his YouTube channel De Soysa T, which he runs together with his son, he posts videos and vlogs about cars, sneakers, and gaming. He is also very active on his Instagram account @diegodesoysa where he shares his personal life and posts a lot of sneaker-related content. Recently, he started a media company with a friend and in the future, Diego might even start his own podcast.

De Grote Tim & Tom Show

Together with Diego, Tim and Tom discuss the latest news from the sneaker and music world and share remarkable stories. The Great Tim & Tom Sneaker Show can be watched every two weeks on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel and can also be listened to on Spotify and iTunes. In addition, Tim and Tom also discuss the weekly releases on the Sneakerjagers Instagram channel.

The second episode of the new season is now available to watch on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel. Tune in and click on the video below to watch the episode!