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The best products for a sneaker cleaning kit

May 24, 2024 10:00 AM
The best products for a sneaker cleaning kit

To keep your shoes in top condition, quality cleaning kits are essential. But which cleaning products should absolutely be part of your kit? Today, we provide the answer with our list of the best items for your best sneaker cleaning kit!

Moreover, the products below are arranged according to a step-by-step plan for cleaning your sneakers.

Tip: before you start cleaning, place a shoe tensioner inside your sneakers or stuff them with rolled-up newspaper to ensure they keep their shape while cleaning!

NIEUW: One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit

Sneakerjagers x SNEAKER LAB One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit

Before we start, have you heard of our special new Sneakerjagers x Sneaker LAB One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit? In collaboration with South African company Sneaker LAB, we recently introduced this sneaker cleaning kit.

The kit includes a Sneaker Cleaner, Odor Protector, Premium Brush, Sneaker Protector and two Sneaker Wipes. All to make sure your trainers sneakers like new again, no matter how many adventures they've been through!

Sneakerjagers x SNEAKER LAB One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit borstel
Sneakerjagers x SNEAKER LAB One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit

And what really sets the One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit apart is its use of natural bacteria and enzymes that tackle dirt at the source. This means that not only are your shoes cleaned, but the formula is also harmless to nature. So not only do you get clean shoes, but you also contribute to a cleaner planet.

Click the button below to go to the webshop and see all the details!

1. Jason Markk shoe brush

As a first step, it is important to remove loose dirt from the outsole, midsole and upper. This is best done using a soft and hard shoe brush.

For this, we first recommend Jason Markk's standard shoe brush. This synthetic brush is ideal for general cleaning and stubborn stains.

Planning to clean premium leather, suede, cotton or other delicate materials? Then be extra careful and meticulous! For these materials, we recommend using Jason Markk's premium shoe polishing brush. This brush has softer hog bristles that are extra suitable for use on fragile materials.

2. Cleaning wipes - Crepe Protect and Jason Markk

Cleaning wipes are an alternative to the shoe brush. These wipes have a double texture, allowing for quick, rough cleaning. The convenient size of the pack also makes them ideal to keep in your pocket, bag, suitcase, and so on! After all, you never know when you might need one.

There are many cleaning wipes available from different brands. Whether you take the wipes from Crep Protect or Jason Markk doesn't really matter. We recommend both. In addition, you can choose between sets of different quantities, ranging from 3 to 32 cleaning wipes.

3. Jason Markk Premium Deep Cleaner

The polishing can really begin when you have the Jason Markk Premium Deep Cleaner. This shoe cleaner easily removes dirt from the uppers and soles, regardless of the material, such as leather, suede, synthetic and textile.

Moreover, the solution consists of a whopping 98.3% natural and biodegradable ingredients, without any harsh chemicals that can damage your sneakers. Besides, the content of a 236 ml bottle is enough for up to 200 pairs of shoes! Just a few drops are enough for optimal cleaning.

Jason Markk Premium Deep Cleaner 236 ml
Jason Markk Premium Deep Cleaner met hersluitbare dop

4. Jason Markk (micro)fibre cloth

Once you have cleaned your sneakers with the shoe cleaner and brushes, use a microfibre cloth to remove any remaining detergents and moisture. This will give your shoes a flawless finish and give them the shine they deserve!

For this, we recommend the Jason Markk Premium Microfibre Towel. This fibre towel offers an extremely absorbent, quick-drying, lint-free and non-abrasive design, making it perfect for wiping away excess liquids from shoes.

Moreover, the cloth can be safely washed in the washing machine (without fabric softener), without compromising its quality!

Premium microvezeldoek van Jason Markk

5. Crepe Protect Mark On Pen

After you have worn your sneaker for a while, you will notice that your midsole begins to discolour. You will notice that they can quickly turn a yellow hue. Especially for white shoes (but also black shoes), there is a cleaning product, namely the Crep Protect Mark On Pen.

With the 4 mm round tip of the Mark On Pen, you easily and very precisely restore the appearance of the midsole of your white shoes. It also allows you to customise the appearance of the midsole, by designing your own patterns!

6. Water and stain protection spray

Having just given your kicks a full cleaning, you naturally hope they stay clean for as long as possible. Even though you can never eliminate it 100%, you can protect your shoes from most dirt.

With a water- and stain-protecting spray, you make sure dirt is less likely to affect your shoes. Totally ideal when you want to wear white trainers on a rainy day or to a festival!

Several brands offer a protective spray for your sneakers. Below, we have highlighted our top three:

7. Crep Protect Pill - Shoe refresher

The final step in the cleaning process is to give your shoes a fresh scent. The perfect product for this is the Crep Protect Pill. This pill from Crep Protect will keep your shoes wonderfully fresh! All you have to do is twist open the capsules and place them in your shoes. Then leave the shoe fresheners in place for as long as you like. After use, you can easily close them again.

The capsules contain Zeolite, Nshield a refreshing perfume, ensuring you have sneakers that are not only clean, but smell good too!

Crep Protect Pill - Schoenverfrisser
JD Sports
Crep Protect Pill - Schoenverfrisser in een sneaker

These were the essential products that make up a true sneaker cleaning kit. To keep your shoes in top condition, we recommend all the above products. But we also fully understand if you only want to make do with the basics.

Fortunately, there are also several shoe cleaning kits available that include the most important items. These are also handy when you travel, for example, and want to keep a compact trainer cleaning kit handy!

Below, we have therefore listed 3 of the best sneaker cleaning kits for you!

Moreover, the ideal gift for your favourite sneakerhead!

8. SNIPES Essential Cleaning Kit

The SNIPES Cleaning Kit is a complete cleaning kit that contains all the essentials to thoroughly clean your favourite shoes. With this four-piece set of brush, sponge, cloth and cleaning solution, you have everything you need to keep your shoes looking like new!

Vierdelige sneaker cleaning kit van SNIPES verpakt met borstel, spons, doek en reinigingsvloeistof
Vierdelige sneaker cleaning kit van SNIPES met borstel, spons, doek en reinigingsvloeistof

9. Jason Markk Travel Kit

The Jason Markk Travel Kit is your ideal travel companion to keep your shoes in top condition. With this sneaker cleaning kit, you have everything you need to keep your shoes clean and fresh wherever you are! The sneaker cleaning kit contains a high-quality cleaning solution that effectively removes dirt and stains, along with a soft shoe brush, quick wipes and a fibre cloth to gently remove dirt and dust from your shoes.

Whether you're on the road or on holiday, with the Jason Markk Travel Kit you'll always be ready to make your favourite sneakers shine!

Sneaker cleaning kit van Jason Markk - Travel Kit met reinigingsoplossing, zachte schoenborstel, quick wipes en vezeldoek
Sneaker cleaning kit 'Travel Kit' van Jason Markk met reinigingsoplossing, zachte schoenborstel, quick wipes en vezeldoek en een gebruiksaanwijzing

10. Crep Protect The Ultimate Box Pack

Crep Protect 'The Ultimate Box Pack' offers the ultimate protection for your trainers. Be it water, soda or sauce, this cleaning kit provides a protective barrier that stops liquids and minimises stains and dirt on your shoes.

So Crep's Ultimate Box Pack contains everything you need for complete shoe protection. Either a 200ml Protection Spray, 100ml Cleaning Solution, Premium Brush, Microfibre Cloth, Protect Pill, Protect Trees and 6x Crep Protect Wipes.

Sneaker cleaning kit 'The Ultimate Box Pack' van Crep Protect
Sneaker Essentials

With this selection of shoe care products and handy sneaker cleaning kits, you can keep your trainers in optimal condition. Choose the items that suit your needs and take the time to give your trainers the attention they deserve!