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Sneaker Sizing Guide

Know your size - Reebok Sizing Guide

February 9, 2023 4:00 PM
Know your size - Reebok Sizing Guide

"Why do I need a Reebok Sizing Guide? I know my shoe size, it's always the same anyway?"

Many of you might be thinking that right now, but everyone is also familiar with the following scenario: One evening you treat yourself to a pair of new Reeboks. You wait in anticipation for our heroes from DHL. Then comes the day when your new sneakers finally arrive. You unpack the package, open the shoe box immediately and can't wait to put on your new "babies".

But then the shock: The shoe you were looking forward to for so long is too big or too small, it squeezes at the side or squeezes your toes. The disappointment is big and you have to send the package back to the store. This is bad for the environment and even worse for the heart.

So that we can do something together for a cleaner environment and you don't have to shed any more tears of sadness, we have created a Reebok sizing guide for you for the most popular Reebok models, where we tell you exactly how each one fits.

How to determine your own shoe size

First of all, it is important to determine your own shoe size. When you order sneakers online, it is not as easy as when you walk into a shoe shop and can try on the shoe on the spot.

Here is what you need to measure your own shoe size:

  • 2 sheets of A4 paper
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

How to calculate the dimensions of your foot:

Take a sheet of paper and the pencil, choose a wall you can stand upright against, and put your heel all the way up against it. It is best to put on the socks you will also wear in your new shoes. Secure the sheet of paper to the floor with tape or your weight and stand on it with your heel against the wall. It is best to ask someone to draw around your foot with the pencil. Once you have a nice outline, grab a ruler and measure the distance from the heel to the tip of your big toe. Record this result in centimetres.

Repeat this process on your other foot too. It may sound duplicate, but for many people, the sizes differ from one foot to another. Then take the largest foot as a reference to determine your shoe size using the appropriate table. Remember that information from different manufacturers may differ and therefore you should always follow their size charts.

You can use each brand's size charts to find the perfect shoe size by comparing it to your measured size. But beware! Many styles differ in fit, even if the brand is the same. Manufacturers often write this in the description.

⬇️ Here you can find Reebok's sizing charts ⬇️

The Sizing Guide for your Reebok Favourites

Reebok Classic Sizing

We start with a classic that has always found fans in the most diverse societies. With this model it is generally very easy to find the right size, because the Reebok Classic fits true to size. This means that the standard Reebok sizing chart applies exactly to this silhouette. So you can easily determine your EU & US shoe size by your foot length. The Reebok Classic itself is a shoe that fits just about any foot. The fit of the shoe is very balanced in width, i.e. neither very narrow nor very wide cut.

Conclusion: true to size

Reebok Club C 85 Sizing

It continues with a current favorite of a lot of sneaker lovers. Especially in the streetwear world of Reebok, this silhouette, which has its roots in tennis, is very much in demand and cannot be imagined without. The Reebok Club C 85 also fits true to size. So you can compare and read your fitting size simply by comparing your foot length with the shoe sizes in the Reebok size chart.

However, the Reebok Club C 85 is a rather narrow cut and relatively tight shoe. In the long run, especially for models with leather uppers, it could cause an uncomfortable wearing feeling with extremely wide feet. Affected people should preferably upsize by at least half a size.

Conclusion: true to size / half up a size for wide feet

Reebok Aztrek 96 Sizing

With the next model we go back to the 90s and its retro styles. As a relatively newly revived silhouette, the Reebok Aztrek 96 is currently one of your favorite silhouettes of the US brand. The running shoe always makes a good impression, whether for a casual street look or for sport. Despite the many overlays on the shoe, the Atrek 96 fits true to size. So you can also find your correct shoe size from the standard Reebok size chart that you can find below in this blog. For people with wider feet the Aztrek could be a very good choice, because the shoe is cut relatively wide from the metatarsal area to the front.

Conclusion: true to size

Reebok DMX Daytona II Sizing

Last but not least, I will explain the fitting of the popular Reebok Daytona DMX II. Reebok himself describes this cool sneaker silhouette as "an update of a running style of the 2000s with wave look." Wave look? This refers to the curvy, aerodynamic design lines that reflect the airflow from heel to toe created by the DMX cushioning.

On the pictures you can see the OG-Colorway of the Daytona DMX II. As you've read, most Reebok shoes fit as described on the size chart. So does the Daytona DMX II. The shoe has been given a straight cut and gets a comfortable fit due to its stretchy and air-permeable materials.

Conclusion: true to size

For more sizing guides for your favourite sneaker models, visit the Sneaker Sizing Guide page.