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Know your size - Sizing Guide: adidas

May 12, 2020 5:55 PM
Know your size - Sizing Guide: adidas

Why an adidas sizing guide? I know my shoe size! Many of you may think so, but everyone knows this problem: You order a pair of new kicks from adidas and wait in anticipation for our friends from the post office. You unpack the package, open the shoebox and can't wait to put on your new "babies". Then the shock: The shoe is too big or too small, it squeezes on the side or squeezes your toes, and and and and… The disappointment is big and you have to send the package back. Bad for our environment - bad for your heart. ?

To do something for our environment together and to the fact that you don't have to shed any more tears, we have created a sizing guide for you. Today we'll show you your favorite adidas models and tell you exactly how each one fits.

Know your size!

To find the right sneaker for you, first of all it is important to know your own shoe size. Generally, you have the possibility to have your foot measured in the usual retail stores such as Foot Locker. When you visit these stores, you also have the advantage that you can try on your favorite model in the right size before you buy. This makes it easy to see immediately whether the shoe fits or not.

But of course you don't want to have to tap-dance to the nearest local sneaker store every time & in the best case you'll get a lecture about the ultimate power of insoles. If this should be the case for you, you can easily and comfortably measure your feet at home. How exactly the measurement works, we explain below.

adidas Sneaker

Determine your own shoe size:

Things you need: 2 sheets of paper (DIN A4), 1 pencil (sharpened), a ruler & a loyal helper (preferably a human person). That's it! ?

Let's go: Before we start with the tutorial, it is important to know that your feet swell a bit during the day due to running and the load of your own body weight. (Don't worry, this is quite normal and hardly visible.) Since you will experience the same in your new shoes, you should measure your feet in the afternoon or evening. Unfortunately I have to tell you that the whole procedure is not quite comfortable after all…you have to get up. I'm sorry. ?Because of to the load, which is higher when standing than when sitting, your feet are flatter and therefore a little bit wider. After all, we want an exact result!

Now to the actual measurement:

Pick up one of the sheets of paper and the pencil. Pick a wall in your room where you can stand upright and put your heel completely against it. At this point you can leave your socks on, as you will be wearing socks in your shoes. Tape the sheet of paper to the floor and stand on it with your feet upright. Your respective heel must touch the wall. Ask someone to draw a line around your foot with the pen to avoid distorting the result. Now you have a nice outline of your foot and can start measuring. Take your ruler and measure the distance from the bottom of the blade (where you have placed your heel) to the tip of your big toe. Et voilá! Write down your result in centimeters so that you do not have to measure again if you forget the result.

Repeat this process a second time. This time on your other foot, because pretty much everyone has two different sized feet. Only the extent of the difference is individual. Use the larger foot as a reference to determine your shoe size according to the appropriate size chart. Remember that the information of the different manufacturers usually differs and that you should always use their size charts on their official homepage.

In this sizing guide we take a look at the most popular models from the brand with the three stripes: adidas. Of course, you can now use the size charts of each brand to find your own suitable shoe size. But watch out! Many models vary in their fit. Even if it remains the same brand. But we did the work for you and selected the most popular models, as well as summarized the most important information about shoe sizes.

The sizing guide for your adidas favorites

adidas Superstar

Of course we start with a classic that has always been winning new fans without exception. With this model it is generally very easy to find the right size. That's because the Superstar fits true to size. This means that the adidas standard size chart applies to this model exactly. You can easily find your EU & US shoe size by holding on to your foot length. However, the adidas Superstar is a rather narrow cut and relatively tight shoe. In the long run, especially with models with leather uppers, it could cause uncomfortable wearing comfort with extremely wide feet. Those affected should consider another model with a stretchy upper or at least half a size upsize.

Conclusion: True to size, for wide feet: Size up

adidas superstar

adidas Ultra Boost

The tour continues with a flagship of the German sporting goods manufacturer. Especially in the running world of adidas, this silhouette is in great demand and has many fans. adidas uses a very elastic material here, as with many of the brand's shoes. This is an advantage especially for wider feet, as the foot has enough room and still has optimal support. However, I have to say from my own experience that the adidas Ultra Boost feels very tight in my size, which fits according to the size chart. When jogging, this certainly provides a good hold. However, this pressure on the foot is annoying after a while. That's why I prefer to buy a little bigger.

Conclusion: Optimal way to upsize 1/3 size

adidas ultra boost

adidas NMD

A slightly newer model is the adidas NMD, which we now present. This sneaker is said to be the first shoe that was not designed as a sport shoe but as a pure lifestyle shoe. No wonder that the sizing of this model also differs greatly from the classic models. In my standard size I have a lot of space in the NMD at the outer edge. Again, an elastic upper material is used, which also offers enough space and comfort for wider feet. Nevertheless, I noticed especially with the older models that the shoe is cut very narrowly towards the toe. This meant that I had to buy the shoe a bit bigger.

adidas NMD

Conclusion: Size up with 1/3 of your size

adidas Continental 80

The adidas Continental 80 is, as the name suggests, from the 80s. This sneaker was originally designed as a tennis shoe and is based on the design of the adidas Powerphase. This silhouette made its comeback a few years ago and since then it has become an integral part of the streets out there. This model has a leather upper, but like most shoes with an all leather upper, it is not as tight as others. So if you have very narrow feet, you can go down with the size, otherwise the shoe fits true to size.

Conclusion: True to size, size down to max. 2/3 size with very narrow feet

Unfortunately adidas does not have a direct link to the size chart, but that is not a big problem. Because you will always find it above the rider, where you choose your size, with every shoe. I have included a screenshot of this below for your safety. ⬇️

Now that you are finally well prepared and can safely determine your size, have a look at our release calendar. There you will always find the latest sneakers of different models from all your favorite brands! And if you have a little more time to spare, check out our newsblog to get the best background info on all upcoming releases. Have fun! ?

In any case, stay tuned for more. Because in the next weeks we will present you sizing guides of other brands & prepare you for good times without squeezing shoes! ??????