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Introducing the adidas Superstar

A legendary sneaker in the footwear world, the adidas Superstar has achieved legendary status. Symbolising style and urban fashion, the Superstar transcends generations and remains a staple in sneaker culture thanks to its timeless design.

The adidas Superstar was first introduced in 1970 as a basketball shoe. Originally marketed as the "adidas Shell Toe," the Superstar was designed by adidas employee and renowned footwear designer, Haillet Horst.

Design of the adidas Superstar

Many design elements contribute to the iconic appearance and enduring popularity of the adidas Superstar. A rubber shell toe cap is the Superstar's most recognisable feature. It protects the toes during basketball play and distinguishes the Superstar from other sneakers. Additionally, adidas' signature three stripes logo is featured on the shoe. Adidas' iconic stripes are an essential design element that adds a sporty and stylish touch.

Superstars typically feature leather uppers, which are durable, flexible, and classic. Featuring leather construction, the shoe offers a premium feel. A herringbone tread is featured on the Superstar's outsole. The pattern provides excellent traction and grip on a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for everyday use. Moreover, the Superstar is adorned with a gold Trefoil logo on the tongue and heel tab. In addition to representing the adidas brand, this logo adds elegance to the shoe.

The adidas Superstar - A Cultural Icon

The adidas Superstar, also known as the 'shell toe', has been a timeless classic that has made its way into the hearts of many. Its prominence in hip-hop culture started when the shoe was adopted along with the adidas tracksuit as an unofficial uniform by the genre-defining group Run DMC.

Run DMC's love for the superstar and their song 'My adidas' cemented the Superstar as a cultural icon and brought it to a wider audience. Today, the Superstar is better known for its links to hip-hop than its origin as a basketball sneaker, and it remains one of the most popular shoes that adidas has ever produced.