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Klarna Heartbeats 4 Sneaker Campaign! Giveaway Alert!

July 2, 2020 7:42 AM
Klarna Heartbeats 4 Sneaker Campaign! Giveaway Alert!

Hola Hola dear community! Have you heard about the new Klarna Heartbeats 4 Sneaker campaign or have you seen the promo? Wait, no? Then I have added the commercial for you below. But first let's get to the release details of the Raffles. The Klarna Heartbeats 4 Sneaker Raffle will be released on Thursday 02 July 2020 at 12:00 pm!

Heartbeats 4 Sneaker - but 5 pairs were redeemed?

But wait dear community, before we show you the detail of Klarna Heartbeats 4 Sneaker advertising campaign, I present you which kickz you can win here! 5 pairs of sneakers will be raffled and they are really something! Klarna is not giving away an 0815 sneaker, but you get the chance to win one of the most sought-after kickz of the last decade! Who picked the shoes? Klarna cooperated with Highsnobiety for this campaign!

"These five sneakers have been chosen based on the impact they had when they dropped and their lasting influence on sneaker culture since then."

Fabian Gorsler, Highsnobiety sportswear editor and sneaker expert

We've kept you in suspense long enough! You can win the following kickz in this Raffle! The Yeezy Boost 750 OG (2015), the Acronym x Nike Presto Mid (2016), the Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago (2017), the Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97 (2017) and the Daniel Arsham x adidas Futurecraft 4D (2018). And by the way dear community, here you can only win one pair of the 5! So take your time and pick the pair you like! By the way, I would not hesitate to pick the Off-White Air Jordan 1 'Chicago'! Below I have marked for you the Instagram Post of the Kickz to be raffled off! Enjoy!

Here again is a list of the kickz you can win with this Raffle:
- Yeezy Boost 750 OG (2015)
- Acronym x Nike Presto Mid (2016)
- Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago (2017)
- Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97 (2017)
- Daniel Arsham x adidas Futurecraft 4D (2018)

The reason for this Klarna campaign and the idea behind it!

As you already know or have heard somewhere while going out, hyped sneakers are raffled off as Raffle. Or! You once found a pair in our Release Calendar that had '#Raffle' written on it. This simply means that the sneaker will be raffled and the lucky person does not win the shoe but gets the right to buy the kickz. But back to the Heartbeats 4 sneaker campaign.

Most of the time, the people who want to cop the shoe take part in the Raffle. So this business model is based on pure luck, but dear community, there are people who buy 'bots'.

Definition '[Bots]' in the sneaker industry: Are programs that automate the ordering process and the user can participate several times in the raffle to increase the chance of winning. So within a second the person who has a bot can participate dozens, 20 or 100 times in the raffle! Crazy or not, dear community?!

But before we go any further, we have linked a few weird promo ads from Klarna for the Heartbeats 4 Sneaker campaign below! Enjoy the art!

The conditions of participation

As you have already recognized in the title, you participate in the Raffle by submitting your heartbeat. Wait what? Yeah crazy, right? Klarna has come up with something nice because bots are mechanical. To participate you need your smartphone camera and your flashlight function to record your heart pulse. This technique is used in the medical industry since 2004. But how does it work exactly? You put your finger on the front camera, of course with the flashlight on. When your heart is beating, so hopefully it is, the blood flows in your fingers. The faster your heart beats, the more blood flows through your fingers and the less light comes through your finger. Klarna then analyses the images to see if it is a real heartbeat. If so, you have successfully participated in the Raffle! Congrats!

The following was still in the small print: The consortium web content accessibility guidelines 2.0 level aa WCAG times the relevant portions. The World Wide Web consortium partners collects usage information and encounter an accessibility issue. Call 49 0 30 235 908 500. The pages to access... I don't know! I've read it almost 100 times and nope. I'm not getting smarter! That's it from this blog! Ciao! And good luck with the Raffle participation!

Details about the Raffle: On Thursday 02 July 2020 at 12:00 pm the Klarna Heartbeats 4 Sneaker Raffle starts. Deadline is unknown but expect that it will last until next week!