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How to style the adidas Spezial?

September 12, 2023 7:33 AM
How to style the adidas Spezial?

Originally designed as a handball shoe in 1979, the adidas Spezial has a rich history and has become a true classic within the world of sneakers. Worn by athletes and sneaker lovers around the world, the Spezial has its own unique aesthetic and style. Wondering how best to style this sneaker? Here are some style tips to get the most out of these iconic sneakers!

adidas Spezial

A true icon within the world of sneakers, the adidas Spezial has an intriguing history dating back to its origins as a handball shoe in 1979. It stood out for its innovative design, which used high-quality materials and advanced technologies for the time.

The sneaker quickly found its way into the hearts of handball players in Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, but its true transformation to fashion item took place in the 1980s with the rise of 'casual' culture in the football world.

adidas spezial
Image by adidas

In the UK, where various subcultures flourished, the Spezial quickly became a fashion staple, especially among football fans. Where to this day, the silhouette remains popular.

In subsequent decades, the adidas Spezial has maintained its status as a timeless classic. It remains an acclaimed sneaker that appeals to sports fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Since 2015, the line has been led by Gary Aspden, a British fashion designer and brand expert. In recent years, Aspden has launched several timeless collections under the name Spezial at adidas.

Sneaker District
Images by Sneaker District

The adidas Spezial is currently available at several retailers. Check the sneaker search engine for a full list. Here are some suggestions on how best to style this sneaker.


AMI Denim Pencil Skirt

END. Clothing

We start our top picks with a skirt from AMI. The skirt has a medium length with a slit at the front and back, providing extra freedom of movement. The skirt is finished with five pockets for all your essentials.

OBEY Hardwork Carpenter Denim Light Indigo


OBEY's trousers have a relaxed-fit and are made from 100% cotton denim. The loose fit offers freedom of movement and the cotton denim is breathable and soft. For a cool look, this is the right choice.

Stüssy Denim Work Pant


Would you prefer a slightly more striking design? Then these trousers from Stüssy are for you. The striking design of these trousers is sure to attract attention, especially with the padded pieces.

Basic Tee

Arte Antwerp Tommy Back Logo T-Shirt


Mix a denim piece with this Arte T-shirt. While the shirt has a modest logo on the chest, the blue accents at the back provide a striking detail that draws attention. A stylish choice for your outfit.

Carhartt WIP Nelson Grand T-Shirt

END. Clothing

The Nelson Grand tee from Carhartt WIP is a timeless foundation for your look. The shirt is made from organic cotton and features the brand's iconic square logo on the front pocket.

adidas 3-Stripes Short Sleeve Tee


Want to pair your sneakers with another garment from the adidas collection? This shirt is an excellent choice. The adidas Spezial is available in several colours, so whichever colour you choose, this shirt fits perfectly thanks to its white and black colour combination.


Dickies Hope Stripe Shirt

Dickies flanel
Dickies flanel

The Hope Stripe Shirt from Dickies combines style and comfort. Its relaxed fit, straight hem and handy front pockets make it a versatile addition to your wardrobe for both warmth and style.

A.P.C. Basile Overshirt


As our final garment, we have this flannel from A.P.C. The cheerful pink colour will add that extra spice to your look. Pair it with your favourite denim piece and the adidas Spezial for a stylish yet relaxed look.


Complete your adidas Spezial outfit with these accessories. The Herschel bag is a practical crossbody bag that will add dimension to your outfit, while the adidas socks are a great addition to your overall look.

Foot Locker
Foot Locker

Dit waren slechts enkele inspiratietips voor het stylen van de adidas Spezial. Combineer de sneakers met je persoonlijke favoriete kledingstukken. Vergeet niet om de releasekalender in de gaten te houden voor de nieuwste updates over de adidas Spezial.