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How to style: All-white Nike Air Force 1 's

January 14, 2022 5:45 PM
How to style: All-white Nike Air Force 1 's

A pair of all-white Nike Air Force 1's is a must have in every shoe collection. The sneaker celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022 and has become a true classic. Whether you have an AF1 Low, Mid or High in your sneaker closet, the Air Force goes with every outfit. Read here how to style and maintain your all-white Nikes.

The Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 was first released in 1982 in a High version. The model was designed by Bruce Kilgore and initially served as a basketball shoe. The first release came in a white and silver colorway. The Nike Air Force 1 High was white and had a silver Swoosh on the middle panel.

Now, some 40 years later, the model is a classic and an icon and the Air Force also comes in a Low and Mid version. The trainer has many colorways, but especially the all-white is doing well. However, it is important to keep the kicks neat and clean and to choose your favourite fit.

Mid, High or Low?

Nike Air Force 1
Image via David Cabrera

The first step is to choose your favourite Air Force 1. Although the Lows are many people's favourite, the Mids and Highs are also good options. Now, there are a few factors that come into play when choosing your next Nike. The AF1 Highs can look colossal on people with larger feet. The Lows with their low fit are ideal with many outfits. But also a Mid in combination with a nice outfit will do well.

Keeping your AF 1's clean

Image via DFNS

Perhaps the most important thing about wearing all-white Air Force 1s is keeping them clean. There's nothing cute about a dirty Nike under your outfit, do you agree? The upper of the AF 1 is (mostly) made of leather. This makes it easy to clean, but you have to pay attention to a few points. Using waterproof sneaker spray before putting on your trainers is very important.

Cleaning your pairs is also a careful job. Pay attention to the right products and what works best for the type of leather of the model. DFNS products are a good option for this.

Preventing and fixing creases

Nike Air Force 1 creases
Image via David Cabrera

Creases - they are inevitable but nobody wants creased Air Force 1s on his or her feet. After the first steps are taken, creases can appear in the leather near the nose. Although a Converse Chuck 70 can have a used look, with an Air Force 1 this is not what you want.

Fortunately, there are ways to limit the damage. Several brands sell anti-crease shields. These can be put in the sneakers and make sure that the shoe doesn't crease when you take the next step. There is also a method to reduce creasing. Put a warm towel in the trainer and take an iron. With this iron you gently go over the upper of the pair and voilà!

Keep an All White pair in reserve

Nike shoe boxes
Image via David Cabrera

A timeless model like the Nike Air Force 1 is always handy to have in stock. Whether you're in shoe trouble or don't have a trainer that goes with every outfit, having a clean pair in stock is always handy. Store them neatly in the box to keep them as white as possible. With the Air Force 1, you don't have to worry about them going out of style.

Style your Nikes with baggy trousers

Nike Air Force 1
Image via David Cabrera

The skinny jeans era is long gone and the best way to style your Air Force 1 trainers is with baggy trousers. Style your all-white Low pairs with loose-fitting Dickies trousers or team the Mid's and High with loose-fitting Nike sweatpants.

Choose the right jeans for your pair

Nike Air Force 1
Image via David Cabrera

A good trainer is half the battle. When you have your favourite Air Force 1, the next step is to choose the right jeans to match the fit of the pair. Many types of jeans go well with the Air Force 1's Low, but with the High model, jeans should be tapered at the ankles. This way, the jeans fall casually at the collar of the AF 1 High.

Lacing up your Nike

NIke Air Force 1
Image via Nike

The final step, but certainly not indispensable, is the lacing of the Air Force 1. On YouTube you can find loads of tutorials on how to lace up your pairs. Your trainers arrive already laced up, but why not use your own creativity to lace them up?

But don't get too excited, lacing your trainers too tight can affect the silhouette of the shoe. The Air Force 1's laces are the perfect length for lacing up in different styles, though.

With the Air Force 1 celebrating its 40th anniversary, now is the time to get your next pair. With this guide, you can keep your trainers fresh and know how to style them. Are you going for the Low, Mid or High model?