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Homegrown: Calico Club's new shop is zen-inspired

February 7, 2023 4:30 PM
Homegrown: Calico Club's new shop is zen-inspired

With our new blog series 'Homegrown', we dive into the Dutch fashion and sneaker scene. We kick off the first article in this series with Calico Club, formerly Calico Jack. The retailer has opened a brand new shop and has made great strides in 2022. The Limburg-based concept already has two shops in Venlo, but the new 'cottage' can be found in Nistelrode.

From Calico Jack to Calico Club

Calico Jack has been acquired by Van Tilburg Mode & Sport since 4 May 2022. The well-known streetwear shop from Limburg is now part of the Nistelrode-based family business. Not only was the name changed to Calico Club from 1 August 2022, but the store was also rebranded.

In 2013, Calico Jack was founded by Rolph van Heyster and Erik Morrenhof. After now ten years in business, the duo was looking for a new step for their retail store. The two still remain connected to the new concept, with Rolph being the Creative Director and Erik the Retail and Community Manager.

The concepts of the former Calico Jack and van Tilburg Mode & Sport complement each other well. For instance, while you came to Calico Jack if you were looking for a high-end and niche fashion offering, you can go to van Van Tilburg Mode & Sport for a mid- and high-end range. Together, the partners strengthen and broaden Calico Club's offering.

So since 1 August, a lot has changed for the former, and new current owners. Calico Jack is being taken to the next level and renamed Calico Club. The fashion concept is even being expanded to include two additional locations.

Calico Club cottage exterior
Exterior Calico Club / cottage

The current locations Calico Club / studio and Calico Club / terrace retain the high-end streetwear offering with brands such as J Press, Stone Island and Stüssy. The new locations have opened in Nistelrode. Calico Club / gallery is a shop-in-shop of three hundred square metres in the Van Tilburg Mode & Sport department store. Here you will find the more commercial brands like Daily Paper, Carhartt and Polo Ralph Lauren. For a mix of Japanese streetwear, Italian sportswear and outdoor luxury and tech, Calico Club / cottage is the place to be.

Calico Club / cottage

Calico Club's new shop, the 'cottage' is due to open at the end of October 2022. The retail environment is inspired by calmness. With this inspiration, the cottage becomes an environment for creativity and tranquillity in a dynamic world. The cottage has become the destination for great fashion lovers.

Calico Club

Nistelrode is a long way away for most sneaker and fashion lovers anyway, but the retailer, originally from Limburg, has made it worth the drive. The farmhouse has been around for at least 100 years and has been given a calming makeover with both Japanese influences and Dutch.

"Our intended goal was to create an experience where people feel comfortable, where they are treated with respect and inspired. First thing first: I think we have a great staff who take people along in what we do. From there, I think with the contrasts in the different spaces, the presentations and the vibe, we are creating something that is really different from a normal shopping experience."

Rolph van Heyster, Creative Director Calico Club

The shop's floor plan is based on a Japanese zen garden. Traditional Japanese interior elements such as stone, water and plants also recur in the shop in a modern and abstract way. For instance, large boulders are used as decor as well as retail display, parts of the floor are made with cement, and a slightly raised platform is made with white smaller boulders. The undulating mirror panels represent water, and the Japanese plants and trees stand out a lot in combination with the neutral colour scheme.

Van Heyster says that creating a retail environment based on calm was a no-brainer. "I wanted to form a counter-movement against the so-called key city approach. Bring a retail experience in a special place, really be a destination for people."

To complete the interior, the checkout counter, cabinets and fitting rooms are custom-made from walnut wood and lined with linen.

Calico Club

The Calico Club / cottage represents a lot of different brands. Among others, A-COLD-WALL*, And Wander, BYBORRE, C.P. Company, MM6 Maison Margiela, Martine Rose and Snow Peak are available at the farmhouse.

Take a virtual tour of the shop with the video below.

Future plans

For now, Calico Club has no plans to move towards the periphery. "For the mid-long term, our ambition lies mainly in doing things really well. It is precisely in that area that we are competitive, so for now we mainly see a lot of potential in expanding our two super nice locations in Venlo and Nistelrode," says Rolph.

2023 will be a special year for the Limburg-based retailer. Ten years ago, Calico Jack started as a small sneaker shop with some clothing. The Creative Director proudly says they want to honour the growth of the past few years and this year they want their concepts to perform consistently in the market. "We are ready for it! Both concepts have its own focus and we are also coming up with an additional thing, but you will hear more about that later!"

Calico Club shops

You can visit the Calico Club / studio at Kloosterstraat 18 in Venlo.

The Calico Club / terrace is also located in Venlo, but at Parade 45.

The Calico Club / gallery is located in the Van Tilburg Mode & Sport department store in Nistelrode at Laar 8.

The brand new Calico Club / cottage can be found on the same street as the gallery in Nistelrode.

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