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DJdoforLOVE - The Turnover episode 73

June 3, 2023 4:00 PM
DJdoforLOVE - The Turnover episode 73

Welcome back to a new episode of The Turnover, hosted by DJ Turne and powered by Sneakerjagers. In The Turnover, DJ Turne or a special guest spins a set for us. Every week a new set comes online. Guests like DJ Deloin, DJ Solange, and Shaeef preceded and DJdoforLOVE spins the best tunes this week. Read all about the upcoming episode here.


DJdoforLOVE (@djdoforlove) is a Dutch DJ with a passion for hip-hop and reggae. He started making music at a young age and played drums during his youth. During his high school years in the 1990s, he became familiar with the hip-hop genre and was immediately sold. After spinning at various house parties, DJdoforLOVE can still be found behind the panel daily.

The Turnover DJdoforlove
The Turnover DJdoforlove

In his sets, DJdoforLOVE spins hip-hop records and funky, reggae records together. From old classics to swinging bangers, DJdorforLOVE knows how to string them together without effort and creates a relaxed atmosphere in his mixtapes. You can listen to the Dutch DJ's tapes via Soundcloud.

At The Turnover, DJdoforLOVE spins tunes by Tupac, Kaytranada and mixes by De La Soul. In short, a swinging set to start your weekend off right.


  1. What is your all-time favorite song?
    'Waiting In Vain' by Bob Marley.
  2. What's the most special place you've ever played?
    In 2006, I was traveling through Africa with my best friends and our backpacks. We took buses from Johannesburg all the way into Tanzania, where through one of our friends at we met a DJ named DJ Cool Para. He was the go-to DJ in Zanzibar and led a, how should I say, interesting life. During the week he took us to all kinds of incrowd places. I don't remember the exact name of the venue, but he made me play there. It was a kind of local event which made it very special. That night has stayed with me very much.
  3. If you were only allowed to play one artist for the rest of your life, who would you choose?
    Bob Marley, over and over and over...
  4. What is your last purchased sneaker?
    Recently, I got the Axel Arigato Marathon R-Trail.
  5. What is your holy sneaker grail?
    Maybe someone reading this can enlighten me, in 1998 or '99 I had a Nike Cortex Classic made of hemp, a beige shoe with a blue Nike logo on the tongue if all goes well. I have never been able to trace these again.
  6. What upcoming music releases are you most excited about?
    I am now waiting for the (posthumous) Tony Allen album to come out in July. I can't wait to hear that. But yeah, the only thing you can wake me up and get me excited about is a new Outkast album.
  7. What is your favorite sneaker to play in?
    I prefer to spin on the Chuck 70's. These feel like flip-flops to me.

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