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DJ Mos Deaf - The Turnover episode 78

July 8, 2023 4:00 PM
DJ Mos Deaf - The Turnover episode 78

Welcome back to a new episode of The Turnover, hosted by DJ Turne and powered by Sneakerjagers. Every week DJ Turne or a special guest spins a set for us. Guests such as DJ Kevas, DJ Da Huge, and DJ FKI preceded and this week DJ Mos Deaf spins the best tunes. Tune in!

DJ Mos Deaf

In the next episode of The Turnover, none other than David Aris, better known by his stage name DJ Mos Deaf, is behind the decks. The versatile artist from Haarlem is known for his unique vision and artistic flair. Besides being a DJ, Mos Deaf is also a music producer and sound engineer.

His stage name is not randomly made up, but refers to the fact that the DJ from Haarlem is almost completely deaf, however, this cannot be heard in his music. The DJ effortlessly scratches together diverse genres in his sets, with a focus on old skool hip-hop.

In his career, DJ Mos Deaf has had the opportunity to perform on many stages. The DJ can be seen weekly in various clubs in and around Haarlem and Amsterdam, where he provides a swinging atmosphere. He also posts his sets on his Soundcloud.

Now the DJ is spinning in the upcoming episode of The Turnover.

Q&A DJ Mos Deaf

  1. What is your all-time favourite song?
    I have had various ones, but the one I always turn back to is Sunshine from De La Soul. That song always gets me in my heart and soul and boosts my mood up for the day! Also, that beat has me going for days!
  2. What is the most special venue you ever played?
    That must be Pacific Amsterdam, on October 5th, 2019, pre-pandemic. That place and that evening, had a vibe that was unmatched by all the other gigs I had so far. Everyone was so hyped, and I was celebrating my birthday that night as well. Everything came together so well! Big shoutout to Pacific, I would love to play there again!
  3. If you could only play music by one more artist for the rest of your life who would that be?
    That is a tough one. But lyrically and soulfully, I would do De La Soul, to honor the lyrical legend that is Trugoy the Dove. J. Cole and Kendrick are in my top three as well.
  4. What is your last purchased sneaker?
    The Nike Air Max 1 Premium 'Crepe', a great sneaker!
  5. What is your holy sneaker grail?
    Deffo the Air Max 'Crepe', I went looking all over the internet, because they were sold out like crazy! That shoe fits with everything, drip to the max! I do have to mention, as a shared grail, the Patta x Nike 'Monarch' ones. Classy and very casual at the same time. I am still dreaming of the day I will cop them…
  6. Which upcoming release are you excited about?
    The Air Max 1 'Chili'. I have a taste for simplicity, and there are not a lot of shoes that attract me because of my picky style. The 'Chili' release checks all my boxes! Definitely going (or trying) to get my hands on that one. Musically, I am excited about what J. Cole will deliver on his next album.
  7. What is je favourite sneaker to play in?
    The Nike Air Max 1's, or Air Force 1's. They keep me comfortable all day and night long. Best shoes I can wear, both for comfort and style as well!

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