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DJ Kevas - The Turnover episode 76

June 24, 2023 4:00 PM
DJ Kevas - The Turnover episode 76

Welcome back to a new episode of The Turnover, hosted by DJ Turne and powered by Sneakerjagers. Every week, DJ Turne or a special guest spins a set for us. Guests such as DJ Deloin, DJ Kace,and DJ FKI preceded and this week DJ Kevas spins the best tunes. Tune in!

DJ Kevas

Beer Petrie, better known as DJ Kevas, is a Dutch DJ and producer from Amsterdam. At a young age, he started playing guitar and soon followed an interest in playing other instruments. He started producing music on his father's laptop, combining acoustic instruments with electronic effects.

DJ Kevas The Turnover
DJ Kevas The Turnover

Kevas is known for his energetic performance. In his sets, he plays different genres of music such as Afro, house, hip-hop, and RnB. Kevas has a unique sound that can be recognized out of thousands. With his young age, Kevas has already performed on many big stages. He can often be spotted in Amsterdam clubs such as Lovelee, AIR, and Club Up. He will also spin the best tunes at the Pearls of the City festival this summer.

On his Instagram (, he shares his sets and performances. In addition, Kevas' mixtapes can be listened to on Soundcloud. In the next episode of The Turnover, the Amsterdam DJ spins the most swinging tunes, perfect to start your weekend.

Q&A DJ Kevas

  1. What is your all-time favorite song?
    My favorite song that I really like to play is the Youngblood Brass Band version of 'Ain't Nobody' by Shaka Khan. It frequently comes back in my DJ sets, because it's super energetic and people can't resist dancing and singing along, which creates a great vibe with the crowd.
  2. What's the most special place you've ever played?
    Definitely Razzmatazz, in Barcelona. The club is housed in a large industrial building and has a lot of different areas, each with its own music genre. The crowd went crazy, and the atmosphere was energetic.
  3. If you were only allowed to play one artist for the rest of your life, who would you choose?
    No doubt that in that case, I would only play music produced by myself! Maybe a little cheat code, but I would have the freedom to produce and play music that expresses/suits me best.
  4. What is your last purchased sneaker?
    My last pair of kicks I bought were camo Bapesta's by BAPE. I was in Paris and I had to buy them.
  5. What is your holy sneaker grail?
    My current favorite pair of sneakers is the Patta x Nike Air Max 1 – The Wave 'Rush Maroon'. I'm a sucker for Air Max 1's. Another favorite pair of mine is my Parra x Nike Air Max 1.
  6. What upcoming music releases are you most excited about?
    Next month I'm going to release a house track together with ellaime (fka LPACA) named 'Day After Day'. It's the beginning of a new Kevas era, so I'm really excited to share it with all of you!
  7. What is your favorite sneaker to play in?
    Again, the Air Max 1's. It's the perfect combination between flyness and comfort, even for a long set.

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