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Check out the Nike 'Dìa de Los Muertos 2021' collection here

October 27, 2021 12:00 PM
Check out the Nike 'Dìa de Los Muertos 2021' collection here

In addition to releasing the 'Lucha Libre' collection in 2021, Nike is releasing the 'Dìa de Los Muertos' collection. The collection consists of an Air Jordan 1 Mid and an Air Force 1 Low and are both inspired by the Mexican holiday 'Dìa de Los Muertos'.

Dìa de Los Muertos

Dìa de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday and is also celebrated in Latin America, the United States and the Philippines. Dìa de Los Muertos' is Spanish for 'the day of the dead'. This tradition takes place on 1 and 2 November every year.

Image by Enrique Castro/AFP/Getty Images

On these days, relatives and friends commemorate their departed loved ones. It is believed that on these days, the souls of the 'dead' return to earth. Thus, throughout the year, relatives and friends collect goods destined for the deceased.

In addition, the graves of the deceased are cleaned and decorated. Food is also prepared together and placed on the grave along with the goods as a kind of offering.

Image by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Nike 'Dìa de Los Muertos 2021' collection

Nike is inspired by the Mexican culture and holiday and brings out a special collection. With the 'Dìa de Los Muertos' collection, Nike shares a piece of culture with the rest of the world. With this collection they combine the world of culture and sports and try to stimulate people to sport.

The collection focuses on 'Siempre Familia'. This is Spanish for 'Always Family' and refers to the strong bond families have in Mexican culture. The Air Jordan 1 Mid and the Air Force 1 Low contain a number of elements that refer to this.

Air Force 1 Low

The first pair from the collection is the Air Force 1 Low. The sneaker has a remarkable design on which you can find lively details. For example, the colours purple and orange come together on the upper and the laces and soles are white.

The toe box and middle panel of this pair are covered with purple stones. These give the kicks a chic look. The overlays have been given a vibrant print and connect nicely to the Swoosh.

Air Force 1 Dìa de Los Muertos

Instead of the usual leather Swoosh, the Swoosh on this pair is embroidered on the middle panel. This element is green with a small display of yellow and red. Finally, the soles of the kicks are white and there is a 'Siempre Famillia' plaque printed on the insoles, reflecting the strong family ties in Mexican culture.

Air Jordan 1 Mid

The second 'Dìa de Los Muertos' pair is the Air Jordan 1 Mid. The kicks feature a suede upper with the colours black and red coming together. This pair also receives a number of notable elements that represent Mexican culture.

Air Jordan 1 Dìa de Los Muertos

To begin with, the Swoosh on the middle panel is depicted as an arrow and bow. This refers to the history of Mexican culture. In addition, the overlays have been given a jaguar print that refers to the Mexican story of the 'Jaguar Warriors'.

On the heel is a black jaguar with a blue stone as an eye. Finally, below the Jumpman logo on the tongue, 'Familia' is written in white. This is Spanish for 'family'.

The Drop

The Nike Dìa de Los Muertos collection will first drop in Mexico on 24 October 2021 via the SNKRS app. The global release will then take place on 29 October 2021.

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