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Carefree x Mizuno Sky Medal Collabo - Cop or Drop?

July 24, 2020 4:08 PM
Carefree x Mizuno Sky Medal Collabo - Cop or Drop?

On 25 July 2020 at 00:00 o'clock the Carefree x Mizuno Sky Medal will drop. For 140€ you can get this pair, but wait(!) do you want this sneaker at all? We have taken a closer look at this collabo and have summarized the hottest Infos for you! You don't need any information and just want to know where you can cop this kickz? Then just click on the button below! It will bring you to our 'Release Calendar'! Let's Go!

Übrigens: Kleine Info am Rande - in unserem Release Kalender könnt ihr den Kickz auch ein 'Cop' oder 'Drop' vergeben. Votet fleißig, weil die Pairs dann in Maren's 'Top 3 Cop' Beitrag landen.

By the way: A little info on the side - in our Release Calendar you can also vote the kickz with a 'Cop' or 'Drop'. Please vote, because the pairs will be in Maren's 'Top 3 Cop' Blog!

Carefree or CareFree?

Easter Egg: Enter 'Carefree' in your web browser of choice. What appears in your search results or do you know the brand?

Okey, to be honest, I really believed that Mizuno was collaborating with THAT company, but after some research this is not the case! CareFree is a London based lifestyle brand founded and run by Damian Malontie! So don't confuse this with the other brand. But back to CareFree and Damian! His brand has already released T-shirts and the most striking thing about the fashion brand is the logo! Retro feelings - check!

The T-shirts were sold as 'Raffle' and the demand was high! Furthermore Damian Malontie tells in an interview that he works with young artists. His company 'CareFree' supports and hires these artists! Crazy and extremely nice from the Boi!

Mizuno - Made in Japan

The Japanese company Mizuno was founded in 1906 and has been producing equipment for various sports ever since. These include baseball, soccer, golf and tennis as well as sports such as judo, netball, rugby and many more. And as you may have noticed, most sneaker silhouettes come from sports. So also those of Mizuno.

Josy from SneakerjagersDE

Thank you @josephine! And back to the Carefree x Mizuno Sky Medal Collabo! The Kickz oozes a 90s attitude and bring plenty of retro feels! The Mizuno Sky Medal has been completely redesigned for this collabo. The Mizuno branding comes in a red glossy fading colorway. And behind the 'Mizuno Logo' there is a Jasper Green Mesh. Also the laces are embroidered with the Mizuno branding. Pics of the laces can be found down below. The toe box is finshed and consists of white mesh. Exquisite! The kickz serve plenty of retro styles. Only the Tongue is leather while other elements, as you have heard before, consists out of mesh.

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