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Breaking news: Nike Air Max 2090 - Alyssa Carson makes her Mars landing!

May 6, 2020 5:09 PM
Breaking news: Nike Air Max 2090 - Alyssa Carson makes her Mars landing!

The Nike Air Max 2090 silhouette has come a long way with Alyssa Carson making a Mars landing in her shoes!

Like in the series 'The Backyardigans' with the episode 'Mission to Mars', Alyssa will start her journey/flight to Mars! The young woman will replace the current Mars Rover and she will make a soft landing on the planet Mars or aka the red planet. Why? She will not land in the Nike Air Max 270 but in the Nike Air Max 2090 on Mars!

Wait, you don't you believe? Then check out Nike's YouTube video!

All kidding aside dear community, Alyssa Carson will not be landing on Mars in the Nike Air Max 2090. If this were possible, Nike would have made the second best deal of their success story!

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But now back to the Nike Mars 2020 commercial with Alyssa Carson. Nike is not only supporting athletes, musicians or designers, but also an astronaut with a strong charisma! 19-year-old Alyssa Carson is now preparing for her daring trip to Mars!

Astronaut in progress: Alyssa Carson

How did it happen? When Alyssa was 7 or 8 years old, she went to a space camp. A space camp is an educational camp in the field of space exploration. Alyssa admitted in an interview that she loved the camp! From rocket models to simulations, everything was available at the space camp. Also the Mars Express, a probe that analyses Mars and the surface of Mars up to 2 meters deep. From that time, she was at the space camp, one thing became clear to Alyssa: "I wanna be an astronaut!

A 19-year-old who graduated from high school and wants to be the first to make a Mars landing? That vision fits Nike perfectly! As you all know, Nike supports all kinds of things, but the message here is different - everyone can make their dream come true! As you could see in the YouTube video, Alyssa is still in training. It's not possible for just any person to land on Mars, or at least not yet! But Alyssa will open this path and pave the way for life, or at least a visit to Mars, to be possible one day!

Alyssa rocking the Nike Air Force 1

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By the way: At the age of 32, Alyssa will start her journey and fulfill her dream! Her journey is not about the destination, but how she reaches it. With hard work and sweat, as well as dozens of exercises, simulations and moreover, she needs the right kickz!

Nike Air Max Baby!

That's why you see the Air Max 2090 in the video next to her training! The Nike Air Max 2090 unites the past with the future. The brand new Air cushioning provides comfort - actually a perfect shoe for training and the Mars landing! The clear knit and turquoise upper give the shoe a space look. Out of the space' shoe meets 'Mission Mars' here!

The advantages of the sneaker are the higher Air-force under the foot, because it provides a softer running feeling. In addition, the ribbed and transparent rubber frame gives an eye-catching look. The inner shoe, as well as the padded heel, feels soft and very comfortable. Therefore the shoe guarantees you individual wearing possibilities. Due to the new quick lacing system, the fit is quickly adaptable and you can start wearing it immediately. The faux waffle sole offers a traditional style as well as a modern design due to the generous stain notches. In the heel there is an "Air" logo with a durable design.

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Nike Air Max 2090 Alyssa Carson Mars Landing
Nike Air Max 2090 Alyssa Carson Mars Landing
Nike Air Max 2090 Alyssa Carson Mars Landing
Nike Air Max 2090 Alyssa Carson Mars Landing

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Your #TheCrew Background Check

Besides the Nike support, Alyssa Carson also gets support from the German company Horizn Studios! The company produces among other things 'intelligent' luggage, which is 40% smarter! All kidding aside dear community - the luggage is not smarter but has some electronic features like an integrated powerbank!

Alyssa created her own suitcase with the company for the Mars landing. Look at the futuristic thing below!

Horizn One
Horizn Studios

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And remember, follow your dreams and enjoy the progress! It is not about the goal, but about the process up to the goal! Just do it! Cheers Nike!