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Move like a queen in the PUMA Cali sneaker

May 15, 2022 7:22 PM
Move like a queen in the PUMA Cali sneaker

Dear community, do you already know the PUMA Cali? It's a sneaker that fits perfectly into the summer season. Bright colours and classic styles in a vintage look, what more could you want?

The PUMA Cali (abbreviation for 'California') was one of the manufacturer's most popular models in the 1980s. Now the classic has been reissued. The sneaker also has something very special about it. We'll now explain what exactly.

Helmut Fischer aka Mr PUMA explains:

"The name California stands for the California Technique, a special production method. The shoe consists of only two parts in total, the upper part and the sole, which is connected to the upper part."

The production method of the PUMA California goes back to the time of the American Civil War. Women in the western USA did not have it easy without their husbands, because they were drafted into the war. The women did not have the strength to operate the heavy machines for shoe production alone and to assemble the individual components. For this reason, the women developed a shoe that could be sewn with a simple lockstitch machine.

About a hundred years later, the shoe industry adopted this method of production. PUMA invested in modern machines and has been producing sneakers the California way ever since.

The PUMA Cali sneakers today combine the street style look with the classic touch of the original sneakers. The suede, leather and synthetic inserts in the upper of the shoe and the non-slip rubber outsole represent the original vintage look of this shoe.

The PUMA Cali is available on the official PUMA website in many different colorways for the summer. Follow the button to get an overview of all models.