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Batik!! Twisted Vacation Chuck Taylor All Star - Tie Dye

July 7, 2020 10:01 AM
Batik!! Twisted Vacation Chuck Taylor All Star - Tie Dye

The trend is now spilling over to sneakers and we couldn't be happier. They are definitely not the first Chuck Taylor All Star with a Tie Dye pattern but certainly some of the most beautiful. We have two colorways of the Twisted Vacation Chuck Taylor All Star and you can hardly decide which one you like better! That's why we show you the sneakers in all their glory and afterwards we explain how to create an outfit matching your new dream sneaker - with video of course ? even if it is not ours you can follow step by step how to create your own beautiful Tie Dye outfit. So, let's go!

Converse Tie Dye

Twisted Vacation Chuck Taylor All Star - Cerise Pink/Game Royal/White

This Chuck Taylor All Star by Converse has a white base color. As additional color a rich magenta was chosen. This also gives the sneaker the desired Tie Dye look. With its classic rubber sole in white and with the black stripes it stands out from the colored upper. As it is usual with Converse, we find the logo on the back of the heel. The toe protection as well as the extra layer of rubber on the front of the toes is also included.

The upper is made of a stable canvas which adapts to the foot. The complete upper is covered with the Tie Dye pattern. From the inside however, the lining is unicolored. It fits perfectly to the magenta tone. As usual for Converse Chuck Taylor High, we find the round logo on the inside of the sneakers, at ankle level.

As a special accent you can choose between two different laces. Either you go with the simpler version in white or with the more striking one. The laces are also batik. They shimmer in an intensive navy blue with the base color white. This gives the whole sneaker an extra kick. But just convince yourself. Click on the pictures to get directly to the sneaker.


Twisted Vacation Chuck Taylor All Star - Black/Lemongrass/White

Let's get to the opposition. The second colorway is very similar in structure, but looks different and has its own style in it. Of course we find again the stable rubber sole with the extra grip, as well as the toe protection and the waffle pattern on the toes. The black line that just separated the upper from the sole now brings both parts together wonderfully.

The upper is also made of white canvas and was batiked with black paint. The white seams stand out discreetly from the upper and give the shoe a sporty touch. The lining is also coordinated with the upper. In dark black it makes a hard but fitting contrast to the rest of the sneaker. The silver eyelets round off the design beautifully.

Also here you have the possibility to change the laces. Like the other sneaker, there is the simple version with the white laces or the striking one in neon green. Because of the green the shoe looks even fresher and more interesting which we think is a great idea! So that you get an idea of how it can look like we have pictures for you here. Just click on them to be forwarded directly to the sneaker.


We are curious what you think about the Tie Dye sneakers and if you are as enthusiastic about this coming trend as we are. You can get the shoes for £60 each!

If you want to find even more Converse Tie Dye High Tops then have a look at Converse and even create your own Converse trend sneaker!

But now we will show you how you can batik your own outfit to match the sneaker and be the envy of all your friends. So, let's go!

How To: Tie Dye

Batiking is super easy and you can do it super fast and simple yourself. What do you need? Here we have a small list with all the necessary things:

  1. A white T-shirt (this is where the colors come out best)
  2. The color for batik (you can also use red cabbage or avocado if you like to experiment)
  3. Gloves (so you don't paint your hands)
  4. Elastic bands (to fix and for pattern)
  5. Water (preferably hot)
  6. A free area that can get dirty

And then we can get started! Take the T-shirt or the pants or whatever you want to batik and crumple it up. You can do it regularly or in a mess. If you twist it in you can also get cool effects or you can knot lots of rubber bands into it. When you're done with that, you can fix the shirt with more rubber bands.

Now we are ready for the dyeing! Use the paint you mixed with the water. Put on the gloves and now tip the paint bit by bit onto the top. Do it best by feeling but don't do too much otherwise you will end up dying the whole shirt.

Now we wait. Depending on the brand, the color has to be left to work for a longer or shorter period of time. It's best to read the instructions. When the time is up, carefully wash the top by hand with cold water. Do not throw it directly into the washing machine. This could cause the whole color to come out immediately. Let the top dry and ta-da! You have your own batik garment ?

Here you have a video instruction where everything is shown step by step.

We wish you a lot of fun doing it and are curious what cool things you can think of. Mark us on Instagram in your posts under @sneakerjagersde! We are looking forward to seeing you there again.