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Balenciaga for cheap! luxury sneaker on Sale

November 3, 2020 8:11 AM
Balenciaga for cheap! luxury sneaker on Sale

What's good Community, do you need a little Monday motivation through new sneakers? We went on the hunt for you and picked out some great bargains in luxury sneaker on sale, at Farfetch. We want to present them to you today!

You have found designer shoes, but don't know what size you need for sneaker styles like those of Saint Laurent, Balenciaga etc.? Then have a look at our Luxury Sneaker Sizing Guide, where we describe exactly, which size you need for which Luxury Sneaker.

Balenciaga Triple S

Let's start with probably the most controversial high end sneaker of the last seasons. The first real Chunky Sneaker of the fashion scene, which started the trend: The Balenciaga Triple S. In the beginning it was like this: Either you love it or you hate it, but with the time the Triple S has been accepted more and more, so that the Balenciaga Sneaker can be seen as a classic of the luxury sneaker scene.

On Sale you rarely see this sneaker, so this is your chance to get the sneaker cheaper than normal, because at Farfetch, you can get the Triple S from 605€. You can also go directly to the product page via the pictures.

Luxus Sneaker im Sale  Balenciaga
Balenciaga Triple S
Balenciaga Triple S

Y-3 'Yohji Star'

Next Up is a shoe from Yohji Yamamoto's brand Y-3. Y-3 is well known for her sneakers as well as her clothes. If you don't know Y-3 or Yohji Yamamoto from the fashion scene, you might know them from the adidas collaborations of the last few years, because some of them were absolutely world class and sometimes even extremely hype.

The shoe we have for you is also a collaboration with adidas. The 'Yohji Star' is a Yamamoto design on the adidas Superstar. All in all, the legendary designer gives the Superstar a super creative touch that completely changes the shoe.

Over the pictures, you come to Farfetch, where the luxury sneaker is available in sale from 193€.

Luxus Sneaker im Sale  Y-3
Y-3 Sneaker
y-3 Sneaker

Guiseppe Zanotti 'Kriss'

After our little excursion into the Japanese fashion scene back to Europe. To the Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti and the sneakers of his own brand. The designs of the sneaker brand, which has been in existence since the 90s, are quite striking and have a recognition value that can also be seen in this model. The zipper on the side of the shoe, plus the high-quality leather is just that: a recognition feature.

This classic is currently on sale for 390€. You can also buy the sneaker directly via the picture.

Luxus Sneaker im Sale  Guiseppe Zanotti
Guiseppe Zanotti Sneaker
Guiseppe Zanotti Sneaker

Yeezy Boots

It is November, which means that Christmas songs are officially available again 😍. However, it also means that we could soon have the first snow. But snow also means winter shoes and no more stylish sneakers. What do you do to look stylish in winter too? Designer winter boots! And the best ones are made by the future US president 😉 Kanye West.

His boots are on sale at Farfetch for 365€, but this is likely to change quickly, as we get closer to the snow and demand increases. So click on the picture and make sure you get the steal.

Luxus Sneaker im Sale  Yeezy Boots
Yeezy Boots
Yeezy Boots

Vetements x Reebok

Vetements, one of the most extravagant brands on the high fashion scene, is also worthy of a place in the Sneaker Game. If you want to know more about the brand and their shoes, then click on the link, there you will find all the information you need.

The sneaker we have here for you, is a Reebok x Vetements Running Sneaker, which looks mega nice through its chunky silhouette and the colour combination. All in all a luxury sneaker that fits perfectly into the year 2020 and is still in the sale. At the moment the Vetements shoe is on sale for 505€.

Luxus Sneaker im Sale Vetemetns
Vetements Reebok
Vetements Reebok

A Cold Wall

Last but not least we have the sneaker of an upcoming English high fashion brand, A Cold Wall. A Cold Wall stands for a completely new design style in the scene. Because the English designers used a lot of styles that focus on workwear. In the sneaker game, however, the company is still rather new, except for a few Nike collaborations the brand was hardly represented. This is supposed to change with time and that's why more and more designer sneakers are coming. One of them is this simple black sneaker, which is refined with some very nice design elements.

For a luxury sneaker, the sneaker is already on sale at the incredible price of 126€.

Luxus Sneaker im Sale A Cold Wall