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Sneaker Sizing Guide

Know your size - Axel Arigato Sizing Guide

June 1, 2023 1:47 PM
Know your size - Axel Arigato Sizing Guide

Axel Arigato sneakers are hugely popular these days. The brand is known for its clean, modern designs and brings this back to every shoe. But do Axel Arigato come up big? Or do you need to size up? To give you a hand in scoring your next pair, here we tell you how the sneakers fall and which size is best for you.

We begin the first crucial step: measuring shoe size.

How to determine your own shoe size

First of all, it is important to determine your own shoe size. When you order sneakers online, it is not as easy as when you walk into a shoe shop and can try on the shoe on the spot.

Here is what you need to measure your own shoe size:

  • 2 sheets of A4 paper
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

How to calculate the dimensions of your foot:

Take a sheet of paper and the pencil, choose a wall you can stand upright against, and put your heel all the way up against it. It is best to put on the socks you will also wear in your new shoes. Secure the sheet of paper to the floor with tape or your weight and stand on it with your heel against the wall. It is best to ask someone to draw around your foot with the pencil. Once you have a nice outline, grab a ruler and measure the distance from the heel to the tip of your big toe. Record this result in centimetres.

Repeat this process on your other foot too. It may sound duplicate, but for many people, the sizes differ from one foot to another. Then take the largest foot as a reference to determine your shoe size using the appropriate table. Remember that information from different manufacturers may differ and therefore you should always follow their size charts.

You can use each brand's size charts to find the perfect shoe size by comparing it to your measured size. But beware! Many styles differ in fit, even if the brand is the same. Manufacturers often write this in the description.

We've listed some popular Axel Arigato models for you here, so once you're confident of your shoe size, you can get shopping!

Axel Arigato Dice Hi & Lo Sizing

Axel Arigato Dice Lo
Axel Arigato Dice Hi

A popular Axel Arigato silhouette is the Dice Hi and the Dice Lo. The models have a sleek look and feature gold details on the upper. The midsole features the Arigato logo. The upper is made of sturdy leather, so it is extra important to choose the right size when scoring your next pair.

Both the Axel Arigato Dice Hi and Dice Lo fall true to size. If you are a size 7, it is therefore recommended that you take a size 7.

Conclusion: true to size

Marathon Runner Sizing

Axel Arigato Marathon Runner

The Axel Arigato Marathon Runner has a striking silhouette. The model combines leather, mesh and suede materials. This model also falls true to size, according to the brand itself. So it is recommended to order your own size when buying the Marathon Runner.

Conclusion: true to size

Genesis Vintage Runner Sizing

Another popular model from Axel Arigato is the Genisis Vintage Runner. The model has a chic silhouette and combines leather and suede materials. Axel Arigato sneakers come in half sizes and your own size is also recommended for this model. Should you be just in between sizes, the brand recommends a half size up.

Conclusion: true to size / half size up if in doubt

Axel Arigato Genisis Vintage Runner

Clean 90 Sizing

Axel Arigato Clean 90

With its basic design, the Axel Arigato Clean 90 is perhaps one of the Portuguese brand's most popular silhouettes. The sneaker is made of sturdy leather, which makes having the right size even more important. Your own size is also recommended with this silhouette.

Note: Because of the firm, rough leather, you may need to break in the sneaker. So you have bought the right size, but the leather still needs to mould to your foot.

Conclusion: true to size / half size up if in doubt

Area Lo Sizing

Finally, we have the Axel Arigato Area Lo model. The sneaker uses the materials suede and leather. The chunky midsole gives the shoe a unique look. Like the previous models, the Area Lo falls true to size. Should your shoe size be exactly in between sizes, it is recommended to go half a size up.

Conclusion: true to size / half size up if in doubt

Axel Arigato Area Lo

So, should you want to buy Axel Arigato sneakers in the near future, know that it is recommended to order your own size. Check out Axel Arigato sneakers in our search engine via the button below.

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