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ASAP Rocky wears affordable adidas shoes!

July 6, 2020 5:23 PM
ASAP Rocky wears affordable adidas shoes!

Ufff ASAP Rocky may not get an adidas collab, but hey, the rapper is wearing affordable adidas shoes in his Instagram post! Many of you already know ASAP Rocky aka fashion killa aka rapper or was arrested by the Swedish police Rocky. Actually you know the boy from the stage, where he spits his bars and entertains the people with the best. Or from Paris Fashion Week, where the boy always sits in the front row. More on this in a moment! We have marked a video of his 'live' performance in New York below! Enjoy party people!

Rocky always on a Fashion Week!

ASAP Rocky has long been a familiar face at the Fashion Week! Beside the fashion designers like Alexander Wang, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, ASAP Rocky is also always present! Whether in Paris, Milan or London - you can find ASAP Rocky at every Fashion Week! If many of you ask why the rapper is always there. It's not because he's a fashion killer, but because the boi is the face of the fashion brand 'Dior' and more precisely the 'Dior Homme Line'. Dior handles everything for ASAP Rocky just like the denim jacket shown below!

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'Sponsored by Dior'

To get us in the mood, I have linked an ASAP Rocky Spotify playlist for you below! Just press 'Play' and let the music play in the background while you read this blog post! 'Praise The Lord'!

Where is the affordable adidas shoe?

Is he wearing the adidas Stan Smith or an UltraBoost or an adidas Continental 80? None of the adidas models mentioned above are worn by the rapper in his IG post. Why? Because the pairs are too expensive! ASAP Rocky wears an even cheaper adidas model in his Instagram post! Have a look at the post below and try to guess which kickz he wears.

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By the way: ASAP Rocky models here with his ASAP Mob Band member ASAP Nast. He wears the white adidas kickz, checked pants and a white shirt with a Stüssy CDG's 40th anniversary jacket on the post above!

And did you recognize the pairs? If not continue reading! Because you will find the answer in the next chapter! Enjoy!

The pictured adidas shoes…

ASAP Rocky wears the adidas Originals Sambas here in his Instagram post! Lol wait, you've never heard of the adidas Samba silhouette? The running and sneaker marketed at the beginning of adidas has been transformed into a lifestyle shoe. Yeah, and now it's here! Tadaa!

Even though ASAP Rocky wears a bunch of luxury clothing brands, he also puts on affordable clothing every now and then! Besides the adidas Samba, ASAP Rocky also wore Old-Skool Vans once. So it's not really a surprise, but yes you can cop the pairs from his IG post here with us!

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By the way: There are two versions of the adidas OG Samba silhouette. We're not talking about the different colorways here, but there is a 'normal' and a vegan version of the shoe!

adidas OG Samba
adidas Samba 'Vegan'
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You don't like the 'White' and 'Black' colorway?

If you want to get an adidas Samba, but don't celebrate the 'ASAP Rocky' colorway upstairs, here's something for you! We went hunting for you and have linked more adidas Samba models for you below!

By the way: The kickz are from our Sneaker Collection! Yes exactly dear community, we have a Sneaker Collection! Have a look there if you are looking for new kickz!

Yep, that's it from the blog post! When ASAP Rocky finally gets his own sneaker collab is still unknown! But Drake got a collab with Nike, if you want to know more, click here on 'Drake x Nike collab' and have a look at our Sneaker News! Let's go!