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Alternatives to Off White x Nike sneaker at Asphaltgold!

May 23, 2020 11:37 AM
Alternatives to Off White x Nike sneaker at Asphaltgold!

Whew and again a week goes by - that's why we present you today in this article affordable alternatives to Off White x Nike sneaker at Asphaltgold! As the 'Virgil Abloh' and 'Off-White' articles were extremely well received by you, we thought that we would give you another article about 'Off-White x Nike' sneakers! What? You haven't read the other two blogs yet? Then click on the button below!

With the help of our partner Asphaltgold, we now present 5 models of 'The Ten' Off-White x Nike sneakers! One thing is for sure, they won't cost you as much as 'The Ten', but hey you have a sneaker that looks kinda similar and is cheaper! Enjoy!

Old School: Converse All Star

Dear community no hate! Finding an alternative to the 'Off-White™ x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star' is not easy because of the transparent …, but take a look at the following blog 'Off-White x Nike Models'. Back to this Converse model! It's not 'transparent', but the sneaker is white and the midsole is 'transparent'! Just click on the picture and clip the shoe! For €85 the pair is yours!

Converse Allstar

Icon: Nike Air Force 1

You won't find for a long time an 'unique' sneaker like the 'Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1'! But here we have an alternative between the Off-White model and the basic clean white model! The orange Swoosh replaces the also in orange Off-White tag on the Swoosh. Also some elements are colored greyish! This Air Force 1 low with on Air feeling is yours for €109! All you have to do is click on the picture below!

CD0888 100
Nike Air Force 1

Legend: Nike Air Max 90 Essential

On the 'Off-White™ x Nike Air Max 90' model, the Swoosh was not hidden like on this model, but it was put forward like the on a Nike Air Force 1! But yes, you can find out about it more in the 'Nike x Off-White Models' blog! This colorway has almost the same colors as the 'Off-White' model. But this Air Max 90 will cost you only €159! All you have to do is click on the picture!

CI9111 002
Nike Air Max 90 Essential

Running: Nike Air VaporMax

This Nike Air VaporMax model is all in black. The 'Off-White™ x Nike Air VaporMax' has a bigger and white Swoosh, but at least you only need to pay €179 for this VaporMax! Just click on the picture below!

AJ6900 004
Nike Air VaporMax

Skater: Nike Blazer Mid

The last one in the round is not an Air Jordan 1, Air Presto or a Nike Air Max 97 but the Nike Blazer Mid! This model is very similar to the 'Off-White' model! Except that the Swoosh is white and not lower… but with a black felt-tip pen you can easily solve the problem! For €99 this gem is yours! Click on the picture and cop it!

That's it from the 'alternatives to Off White x Nike Sneakers at Asphaltgold' blog! Hope you found what you were looking for! Otherwise have a look at our Newsblog! There we always keep you up-to-date! Let's go!