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All Air Jordan models! The legacy goes on!

May 1, 2020 5:40 PM
All Air Jordan models! The legacy goes on!

As you have already seen in the title, all 'Air Jordan models' are presented in this article! In case some of you are wondering why we are starting with the Air Jordan XIV (14). There is already a first part, but not only the models from Air Jordan I to XIII are presented, you also get an insight into Michael Jordan's life. Questions like: How did the Nike deal come about? Or has MJ always been a good basketball player? Where did he study? - we are going to answer you there!

With a click here on the link 'Michael Jordan Nike: Nike’s best deal' or on the button below, you can access the article!

Short recap from part one

The Nike and Air Jordan line was launched in 1984 and Michael Jordan got his first Air Jordan 1 in 1985! By the way, did you know that the Air Jordan 1 was actually banned by the NBA? The Air Jordan silhouette remains and is still popular. The man who designed the Jordan Series from the Air Jordan III on is none other than Tinker Hatfield! That guy has his hands in everything. He was not only responsible for the Air Jordan series, he was also the creator of the Air Max model! From Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 97, etc. all have one thing in common and that is the visible Air bubble! That's why the Air Jordan 3 simply got an Air bubble! Tinker surprises us again and again with his weird ideas.

Do you know who designed the 'Jumpman' logo? Of course it was Tinker again. The iconic 'Jumpman' logo also first appeared on the Air Jordan 3 silhouette and has been a winner so far! The design of the logo has not changed until today! It's the 'Jumpman' logo that makes the Jordan series stand out!

1998: Air Jordan XIV silhouette

Inspired by a Ferrari and from the asphalt to the basketball court - the Air Jordan XIV was then launched after MJ retired from the NBA for the second time. See the Ferrari in the Air Jordan?

Air Jordan XIV - 'Race Ready'

1999: Air Jordan XV silhouette

The Air Jordan XV is also the Jordan that was never used! Michael Jordan retired this NBA season and many thought that MJ would quit basketball. Inspired by an X-15 fighter plane, Tinker here developed a basketball shoe that was a little different!

Air Jordan XV - 'Speed of Sound'

2001: Air Jordan XVI silhouette

After a decade, another designer took the helm. Tinker stepped down and Wilson Smith took over. The Air Jordan XVI is reminiscent of a marching boot. The magnetic coating could be removed and the basketball shoe would be ready for the game!

Air Jordan XVI - 'Marching On'

2002: Air Jordan XVII silhouette

After Michael Jordan's long hiatus, he came back on time for the 2001-02 NBA and a new Jordan was designed for him! The Jordan stood out from the crowd with its 'colored' window on the 'Air System'! A great comeback shoe for MJ, if you ask me.

Air Jordan XVII - 'Jazzed Up'

2003: Air Jordan XVIII silhouette

Like the other Air Jordan's before, Wilson Smith took inspiration from Italian designs and created a more chic and elegant Air Jordan. He combined the feeling of luxury with an Air Jordan shoe. Looks chic, don't you think?

Air Jordan XVIII - 'Last Dance'

2004: Air Jordan XIX silhouette

Although Michael Jordan never dressed an Air Jordan XIX for a game, new designer Tate Kuerbis conjured up a slightly different Jordan. Kuerbis wasn't inspired by cars or Italian designs, but by a 'poisonous' African snake. Take a closer look at the shoe itself below! But be careful!

Air Jordan XIX

2005: Air Jordan XX silhouette

At the 20th Jordan Brand Jubilee Nike let Tinker do his work again! To honor MJ's successes and accomplishments, Tinker built the Air Jordan XX. This Air Jordan was also never used, but see below why the shoe is not perfect for a basketball game!

Air Jordan XX - 'Living Greatness'

2006: Air Jordan XX1 silhouette

D'wayne Edwards worked on the Air Jordan XX1 silhouette and created a high quality Air Jordan shoe! The Air Jordan XX1 consists of leather, a diamond-shaped quilted inner boot, mesh openings at the bottom of the foot and a molded heel cap. The shoe also came with a coded message that could only be seen under black light. Check out this masterpiece below!

Air Jordan XX1 - 'Performance Luxury DNA'

2007: Air Jordan XX2 silhouette

D'Wayne Edwards returned and was inspired by a cult fighter jet when he designed the performance-enhancing Air Jordan XX2. Are you ready for battle?

Air Jordan XX2 - 'Hit the Afterburners'

2008: Air Jordan XX3 silhouette

Nike brought Tinker back to the design rudder on the Air Jordan XX3. As you already know, Tinker comes up with absurd things…

Air Jordan XX3 - 'The Number of Greatness'

2009: Air Jordan 2009 silhouette

Jason Mayden designed the 2009 Air Jordan and his inspiration for it was MJ's defensive play. Michael's ability to track his opponent at every turn was incorporated into this design!

Air Jordan 2009 - 'Beyond'

2010: Air Jordan 2010 silhouette

Inspired by Michael Jordan's ability to see through his opponents, Tinker here designed the Air Jordan 2010! The sweep should represent an eye! With future vision, the timeline continues!

Air Jordan 2010 - 'Full Speed Ahead'

2011: Air Jordan 2011 silhouette

Tinker came up with something special for the Air Jordan 2011! The midsole was available in two colors. Either in red, for extra Air cushioning, or in white, for the Air Zoom speed! Which design would you have chosen?

Air Jordan 2011

2012: Air Jordan 2012 silhouette

With the successful concept of the Air Jordan 2011, Tinker continued with the same idea and created the Air Jordan 2012, a design that honors former basketball players and their different cultures! A funny Jordan, if you ask me!

Air Jordan 2012 - 'Choose Your Flight'

2013: Air Jordan XX8 silhouette

The Air Jordan XX8 experienced a turnaround and Tinker combined the Air Jordan with performance footwear. What came out of the station wagon, you can see below!

Air Jordan XX8 - 'Dare to Fly'

2014: Air Jordan XX9 silhouette

After almost 3 decades, Tinker designed the Air Jordan XX9. The inspiration for this shoes are also Italian designs. This Jordan was not only to change the game, but to turn the whole industry upside down! Do you think the AJ XX9 did that?

Air Jordan XX9

2016: Air Jordan XXX silhouette

With the third X comes an epic milestone in the Air Jordan lineage. Three decades of innovation and performance are united here in one shoe for eternity! How do you like the futuristic design?

Air Jordan XXX

2016: Air Jordan XXXI silhouette

For the first time ever, the iconic Swoosh meets the legendary Jordan Jumpman on a single silhouette! The designer behind the Air Jordan XXXI is not Tinker but Tate Kuerbis! Nice look!

Air Jordan XXXI

2017: Air Jordan 32 (XXXII) silhouette

Inspired by the Air Jordan 2, Kuerbis has once again created an Italian design for the Air Jordan 32, a shoe that combines luxury elements with modern technology! Was it a success?

Air Jordan 32 (XXXII)

2018: Air Jordan 33 (XXXIII) silhouette

With the AJ XXXIII, Air Jordan's technology takes a bold leap forward and completely abandons convention with the new FastFit entry, tightening and release system! So was this an innovation or a failed attempt?

Air Jordan 33 (XXXIII)

2019: Air Jordan 34 (XXXIV/XXX4) silhouette

The latest addition to the round of Air Jordan models is the Air Jordan 34! Where performance and innovation meet, the Air Jordan 34 is one of the lightest Jordan ever released! How do you like Nike's latest innovation?

Air Jordan 34 (XXXIV/XXX4)

This blog about the Air Jordan models ends here! Do you like one of these Air Jordan models? Then click here on 'Air Jordan models in one view please!' to cop one.

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