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Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air - 'Now this is the story ...'

August 14, 2020 1:52 PM
Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air - 'Now this is the story ...'

[Update August 14, 2020] Tomorrow the Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air will be released! Be ready and if you want to know where to can buy a pair then click on the button below! Let's Go!

[Update August 10, 2020] The release date of Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air has changed! The Kickz will now not be released as planned on the August 29th, 2020, but on August 15th, 2020! Click on the button below to get to the Retailer List. Let's Go!

The Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air now has a release date! The pair drops on August 29, 2020 and will be available for €190! What can you expect? We have collected all the details here and packed it all into this blog post for you! So enjoy party people!

By the way: The pair is already in our Release Calendar! There you can get the information when and where these kickz will be sold. Just click on the button below!

The Prince of Bel-Air!

It is not the first time that the Jordan brand drops a 'The Prince of Bel Air' inspired Jordan shoe! The Jordan 5 Retro Bel-Air, which was released in 2013, already got the Bel-Air look! The pairs were sold out right after the release! This upcoming Air Jordan or 'Alternate Bel-Air' continues the success of this colorway!

But before we present the shoe to you, we have something for your ears here! Do you remember this legendary track? Or do you also have a 'Déjà-vu' moment? Or do you feel younger? But enjoy the track!

By the way: We have marked the intro for the series for you below! Damn boi, Will Smith was still young! And Uncle Phil was still alive too. Shout out to Uncle Phil! R.I.P.!

To the fresh Bel-Air kickz!

Okey dear community, hopefully you now have a catchy tune! We now present you the Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air! This time it finally comes with a white based upper! But wait, Le. The Air Jordan 5 Fresh Prince, which was released in 2008, was white too. Yep, dear community and pay attention, the 2008 released Air Jordan was white! But the couple didn't look like an Air Jordan 5 anymore… and the Prince of Bel-Air feeling was gone, too.

The Air Jordan 5 Alternate 'Bel-Air' coming in August 2020 has for sure the 'Prince of Bel-Air' vibes! The sock liners are colorful again, but not only that is colorful! The colorways of the left and right shoe are slightly different! Because the colorway of the left shoe and the Jordan branding on the tongue and heel is coloured in a neon green tone! And the branding on the right shoe is red! The colorway is also different from the famous Air Jordan 5 'Flames' on the sole! The left shoe has red flames that match the Air Jordan 5! The flames on the right shoe are blue! …Something different I would say. Below we have some pictures of the kickz for you! So this blog post ends here and by the way take a look at our Sneaker News! There we have for you the best sneaker news! Enjoy!