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adidas ZX 8000 'Vieux Lyon': Are you ready for the V?

January 5, 2021 6:32 PM
adidas ZX 8000 'Vieux Lyon': Are you ready for the V?

adidas kicks off the new year with their next drop in the A-ZX series, bringing us a jacquard-inspired version of the iconic ZX 8000. 'V' stands for: adidas ZX 8000 'Vieux Lyon'. The sneaker has, as we are used to, an exciting history and a special look. We present all that to you in detail today, but first things first! The release info:

The adidas ZX 'Vieux Lyon' will release on Friday, 8 January 2021 at midnight. The kicks are priced at €140. You can see all the shops that will be selling the shoes here:

adidas ZX 8000 'Vieux Lyon'

Your #TheCrew Background Check

Last year, adidas already wowed us with the many drops in their relaunched A-ZX series. In 2008, adidas launched this series for the first time and created a lot of excitement among fans of the legendary ZX family with 26 unique drops. So twelve years later, it's back on again and in 2021, the brand with the three stripes will continue to celebrate the thousands of ZX models. Read more about the series in our sneaker news.

the story of progress and evolution told from A-ZX. adidas

The new kicks carry the name of the French city of Lyon, where the so-called Jacquard weaving technique was invented. In 1805, the French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented a device for controlling the thread in a weaving machine, which made patterns and designs of a completely different size and variety possible. In this way, for the first time, almost endless patterns, no matter how complex, could be produced mechanically.

adidas ZX 8000 'Vieux Lyon' - the Details

The special thing about the sneaker fabric is that the design is woven into the fabric itself. Normally, such designs come stamped, printed or embroidered. The adidas ZX 8000 'Vieux Lyon' is a tribute to the city and to the history of craftsmanship, design and innovation.

In terms of colour, the kicks come mainly in light grey and a dark purple / blue shade. The three stripes and the adidas branding on the toe are a strong pink. White laces and a white outsole complete the look.

adidas 'Vieux Lyon'
adidas ZX 'Vieux Lyon'

The ZX 8000 started as a revolution in the world of sports and running in the 80s. It is still an absolutely popular shoe today and fits perfectly into the current retro trend! The comfortable upper, the special silhouette and the Torsion System, which offers stability in the midfoot and connects with the forefoot, ensure unique comfort.

Again for the calendar: On 8 January 2020 at midnight the sneaker will release for €140 at these retailers:

adidas 'Vieux Lyon'
adidas ZX 8000
adidas ZX Torsion System
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