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A plant-based Reebok running shoe? Sustainable, vegan, organic and more

October 8, 2020 11:48 AM
A plant-based Reebok running shoe? Sustainable, vegan, organic and more

You have read correctly, dear community! Reebok has designed a running shoe that is plant-based. Sustainability is currently on everyone's lips, not just in the sneaker scene. In our society many things have to be changed and the awareness of this issue is growing! In the sneaker world, sustainable sneaker brands are becoming more and more important and even the traditional brands are gradually changing their philosophy.

If you want to learn more about sustainability in the sneaker scene, please click here. Recycling, the recovery of waste in general and plastic waste for example, but also more sustainable materials and productions are aimed for by many top brands. Reebok is now going one step further and has actually launched a new running shoe whose materials are partly of plant origin! What this looks like in detail, that's what this is all about today! Let's go!

Forever Floatride Grow - a sneaker made of plants?!

Forever Floatride Grow: this is the name of Reebok's chic performance running shoe, which is made from a plant base. This is where quality meets sustainability and performance meets nature. You could also say that where sport and jogging is most fun, in nature and in the fresh air, that's where this running shoe comes from. With its innovative, sustainable production, there is no loss of quality or style. Because the running experience and design are just as important as the sustainable, vegan production.

But before we look at the functionality of sports shoes in detail, we first want to understand how plants can be used to create such a shoe, what do you think, dear community?

Let's start with the material on the upper. The breathable mesh of the new running shoes from Reebok, has a plant base made of eucalyptus bark. It is breathable and flexible as usual and supports you during every training session. The footbed of the sneakers is made in parts from so-called boom algae. Vegan, organic and super comfortable! As far as the sole is concerned, castor bean oil and natural rubber have been used to ensure optimal cushioning. The oil was the basis for the damping material and the rubber provides the necessary traction.

Functionality and design of the Reebok plant-based running shoe

With a good running shoe, training must of course also be a priority. We already know the flexible Mesh upper and its advantages. In addition, there is the comfortable running bed and a reinforcement at the heel for optimum support. Functionally, the Forever Floatride Grow by Reebok also offers us great cushioning and gives us power and energy back with every step! Natural power can be so easy! Furthermore, the kicks are designed very light and guarantee a running like on clouds!

A great idea Reebok has come up with, what do you think, dear community? Visually, the white/beige sneakers with their golden accents also look great! Where can you get them? Of course very simply with us. Click on the two buttons here to buy the new plant-based Reebok running shoes directly from Reebok or other retailers. Currently they are priced at 130€. BUT! Reebok has a great sale action at the moment! With code RBK20 you save 20% on almost everything. Even on these fancy plant sneakers. Just klick the button and lets go!

Our future and the future of sport depends on how well we treat our environment! We want a healthy life, a fit body and train hard for it. But a healthy person only lives well on a healthy planet. That is why a rethinking has to take place and we all have to do what we can in our moderation to preserve our beautiful earth in the future. Sneakers made of recycled materials, collecting plastic bottles to make yarn for sportswear and shoes, sustainable production with less waste and so on. All these are great beginnings that are currently happening in the Sneaker Game. And Reebok makes another statement in the right direction with their new plant-based running shoe!