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A look at the new Stüssy x Comme Des Garçons collection

September 28, 2021 9:00 PM
A look at the new Stüssy x Comme Des Garçons collection

Stüssy and Comme Des Garçons have teamed up for the third time. The new Stüssy x CDG Apparel collection consists of stylish garments that perfectly complement the items from the previous collaboration.


The series of cooperations began on the 40th anniversary of Stüssy. To celebrate, the brand decided to collaborate with Japanese company Comme Des Garçons. The duo then released the Stüssy x CDG Varsity Jacket in 2020.

The garment is completely black and features both the CDG and Stüssy logos on the chest. In addition, the Varsity jacket contains a number of distinctive elements that reference the two brands.

On the sleeves of the jacket, among other things, are several garments. This takes us back to the beginnings of Stüssy, when the brand sold its products from a car on Laguna Beach.

Finally, the back of the jacket features a black figure holding a surfboard with the CDG logo on it.


A year later, the two brands have teamed up again and extended their collaboration with a special item. In doing so, Stüssy and Comme Des Garçons drew inspiration from the city of California, where the Stüssy brand originated.

In February 2021, the two also launched the perfume Stüssy x CDG 'Laguna Beach' together, naming it after the popular beach in California. The fragrance comes in a transparent bottle with the Stüssy logo printed in black.


The STÜSSY X CDG 2021 Collection

Now the two brands are teaming up for the third time to release the Stüssy x Comme Des Garçons 2021 collection. This collection consists of a Coach jacket, a hoodie and two T-shirt.


Stüssy x CDG Coaches jacket front

The first garment from this collaboration is the Stüssy x CDG Black Coaches Jacket. It is completely black with the Stüssy emblem on the chest and a CDG logo in white underneath.

In addition, the Stüssy signature "No. 4" can be found on the chest. This detail refers to the rich history of the brand.

Finally, there is a cool design on the back. It shows the CDG and Stüssy logos in black letters. Above the two logos is another Greek column, which is white.

Stüssy x CDG Coaches jacket back


Stüssy x CDG Hoodie front

The second piece from the collection is the Stüssy x CDG hoodie. On the front, the CDG and Stüssy logos are again superimposed.

The inside of the hoodie features the white Stüssy x CDG tag on the collar and the cords are also white.

If you flip the hoodie over, you'll find a print on the back that we've already seen on the 2020 Stüssy x CDG Varsity Jack.

The print shows a figure with a surfboard on which the CDG logo can be found. Finally, "Stüssy" is written again in black letters under the figure.

Stüssy x CDG Hoodie back


The collection is rounded off with two Stüssy x CDG t-shirts in black and white. On the front we see three different Stüssy logos here. In addition, there is the CDG logo and also again the indication "No. 4".

Stüssy x CDG T-shirt black
Stüssy x CDG T-shirt black


The Stüssy x CDG collection was released on Friday, 24 September 2021, and are available at both Stüssy and Comme Des Garçons, and also at selected retailers of the two brands.

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