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Timberland's boots have been popular with many for decades.

Timberland was initially founded as a brand specifically for manual labourers. In the cold and harsh conditions, the boots had to be functional and warm above all - something that still stands years later.

The boots are waterproof and use Premium Timberland® Leather. With a lining of recycled ReBOTL™ material, the brand's focus is also on improving the environment.

From the classic Yellow 6-inch Boot, to the 3-Eye Lug boat shoe - the American brand's innovative designs have become staples in today's fashion world.

The boots are expertly designed for durability with sustainability in mind.

Timberland Technology

Injection moulding is used to make Timberland's leather boots completely waterproof, seamlessly bonding the soles with the uppers in a revolutionary move.

Anti-fatigue technology provides standing comfort, shock absorption, and energy return for all-day comfort.

Greenstride technology introduced new ideas of recycled materials used in the construction of the shoes, and is based on a 75% renewable material produced from sugarcane and natural rubber.

Through the Timberloop program, Timberland also attempts to keep products and materials in circulation for as long as possible, breaking down used products and recycling materials to reduce waste and environmental impact.

The History of Timberland

founders of timberland


Nathan Swartz began designing boots to survive the rugged landscapes of Boston, Massachusetts. Swartz was an experienced shoemaker and developed the first waterproof boots. This he did with his son, Sidney Swartz. Sidney's son Jeffrey then created a brand around the model created.

abington shoe company


Swartz purchased The Abington Shoe Company, a business in the heart of Boston, a moved the cooperative to the cold, rugged landscapes of New England, United States.

original timberland boot


The widely acclaimed "The Original Timberland® 8-inch Boot" was launched. The boot was designed primarily for workers in and around New England. The sturdy silhouette was a great success, so too with non-workers.

In the same year, due to the success of the boot, Swartz changed the name of the company. The Abington Shoe Company was renamed Timberland.

timberland 6 inch boot


The successful Timberland® 8-inch Boot received a new variant; the 6-inch Boot. The pair came with a lower collar and was an even greater success than its predecessor.

hip hop timberland boots


In the 1990s, the Timberland 6-inch Boot was welcomed into the hip-hop scene. Artists such as Tupac, Biggie, members of the Wu-Tang Clan and Diddy were featured in the Boot.

Timberland Today

timberland x supreme collab

Timberland's silhouettes are as popular as ever, focused in three distinct categories: Work, Life, and Outdoor.

In a stand for sustainability, Timberland aims to achieve a positive environmental impact by 2030 by giving more than it takes. They plan for 100% of their products to be designed for circularity, and 100% of natural materials to be sourced from regenerative agriculture.

In recent years, the outdoor brand has collaborated with names such as A-COLD-WALL, Supreme, OFF-WHITE and Stüssy.

Did you know?

Timberland boots were originally tested in a toilet!

In the early 1970s, a pair a leather boots were left in a factory toilet overnight to test the waterproofing. Luckily these days there are machines to do the testing, flexing, submerging, and evaluating of Timberland boots in a more sanitary way.