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Superga Sneakers

In 1911, the company Superga was founded by Mr Walter Martiny in the beautiful city of Torino, Italy. Martiny started to produce shoes with rubber soles. In 1925, the company brought out the iconic model, 2750, and from the year 1934, the company started focusing on both sports and everyday life.

Unfortunately, the company had to close down temporarily during the Second World War, but it still had a specific goal. They wanted to give the people of Italy a shoe of extremely high quality. The 2750 model was seen as 'the shoe' of the Italian people and so they brought out even more shoes. From technical sports shoes to rubber rain boots. Superga makes everything.

Over the years, Superga has collaborated with various celebrities and created several shoe lines. Including Alexa Chung in 2012, Rita Ora in 2013, Suki Waterhouse in 2014, supermodel Binx Alton in 2015 and the list goes on and on. Every year they chose a new person for a new line.

All these lines were inspired by the 2750 model but in a new guise. no matter where you are, from the city to the beach, from the office to the club, Superga makes your life easier and more personal.

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