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Saucony Hurricane

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Saucony Hurricane Sneakers

Known for its stability features and support, the Saucony Hurricane is a popular running shoe series for runners with overpronation or needing more support. For runners who tend to overpronate, the series features stability and support, a medial post on the inner side of the midsole to control overpronation, cushioning technology for comfort, shock absorption, and durable construction for areas that will experience wear and tear over time.

The Saucony Hurricane series has undergone several iterations over the years, incorporating updated technologies and design improvements. Runners with different levels of overpronation can choose from a variety of support levels available in the series. In addition, many models feature breathable mesh uppers for a cool, comfortable run, and they come in a variety of colours. It can be used for training and racing, with some versions suitable for racing based on the runner's preferences.

Is the Saucony Hurricane good for flat feet?

While it may feel good to not have arch support, your body will thank you for choosing a shoe with it. You'll find that the Saucony Hurricane is the best model for flat feet out of all the ones on the market.