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Saucony Brand

Among the most well-known athletic footwear brands is Saucony (pronounced Sock-a-knee). The brand offers running shoes, lifestyle sneakers, and apparel. For many years, running enthusiasts have relied on Saucony for high-quality products. Saucony has built a reputation for technological advancements and innovation as one of the leading brands in the running industry.

They provide optimal cushioning, performance, and comfort, no matter what style of running you prefer, or what terrain you run on. EVERUN cushioning technology in the midsoles is just one of the innovative features included in its footwear.

These innovations will enhance running experiences, reduce impacts, and maximise energy returns as a result of their advanced stability systems.


Saucony's EVERUN cushioning system utilises a type of technology which places the cushioning closer to your foot than before. Normally, your foot would touch the sockliner, which sits on the strobel board, which lays on top of the midsole and attaches the upper to it. With EVERUN, Saucony places a 3mm layer on top of the sole, creating the effect of a memory foam mattress.

EVERUN also lasts three times longer than common EVA materials, and isn't temperature-sensitive, meaning it doesn't get harder in the cold or softer in the heat.

With the inclusion of their latest technology ISOKNIT, created in 2019, Saucony sneakers make you feel like you have a sock on. The revolutionary fit system morphs to the foot, allowing you to move more freely by adapting to your foot shape and movements.

The History Of Saucony

saucony jazz box


With its roots in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA, Saucony was founded as a shoe company by A.R. Hyde & Sons.

saucony triangular lugs


Running shoe traction is revolutionised when Saucony introduces the Trackster, the first athletic shoe with triangular lugs.

Saucony Jazz


A lightweight running shoe named the Saucony Jazz is released and becomes a favorite among runners.

rod dixon


In addition to launching the DXN Trainer, a running shoe named after American long-distance runner Rod Dixon, Saucony introduces the Grid system, a cushioning technology that provides enhanced stability and shock absorption.

The Shadow 5000 model is also released, a retro-inspired running shoe that becomes one of the brand's most iconic and enduring models.

saucony shadow 5000


Saucony continues to refine their technologies, including advancements in their cushioning with the introduction of the ProGrid, and later the PowerGrid.

As part of a collaboration with Solebox, Saucony releases a limited-edition Saucony Shadow 5000.

saucony progrid kinvara


The lightweight and minimalist ProGrid Kinvara goes on sale. It quickly gains popularity due to its responsive design and becomes a favourite amongst runners.

saucony grid 9000


Saucony introduces the "Originals" line, which reissued vintage models with updated materials and colorways.

They also received recognition for the retro aesthetic and comfortable construction of the Saucony Grid 9000.

saucony everun cushioning


EVERUN is introduced as Saucony's advanced cushioning technology, providing a continuous cushioning experienced with increased energy return.

kinvara 9


A new Kinvara 9 is released incorporating new technologies and improvements, making it the latest iteration of the popular Kinvara series.

A popular collaboration with Dunkin' Donuts in 2018 on the Kinvara 9, and in 2019 on the Kinvara 10, produced limited-edition donut-themed sneakers ahead of the Boston Marathon.

saucony sneakers today

Saucony Today

By collaborating with artists, designers, and retailers, Saucony has created limited-edition and exclusive models, further enhancing the brand's appeal and presence.

In 2023, Saucony released the ProGrid Triumph 4 in two new colorways in collaboration with Highsnobiety.

Because of its heritage of quality and innovation, Saucony remains a respected brand in today's running community, offering a wide variety of performance running shoes.

Did you know?

"Saucony" actually has Native American roots. The word is derived from the Lenni Lenape language and means "swiftly flowing waters" or "mouth of a creek," paying homage to the Saucony Creek near the brand's original factory.