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Introducing the Style Rider

PUMA Style Rider has an honourable legacy as it is the predecessor of the iconic Fast Rider. Developed in the 80s by Armin A. Dassler, son of founder Rudolf Dassler, the Rider shoe was originally a jogging shoe that featured the famous PUMA ‘Federbein’ sole.

The Style Rider Legacy

Released in 2018, the Puma Future Rider and Style Rider are the modern iterations of the classic Fast Rider collection. Debuting in colorways in vibrant 80s blocking the design quickly gained popularity in the street-style scene. Following their success, in 2020 the Mile Rider and Cruise Rider entwined the Rider family with its feminine elements.

Style Rider Technology

Keeping in mind the performance of the past and the technological development of the future, the new Rider line is acclimated to the new needs of the customers. The design itself pays homage to the 80s original by keeping the breathable nylon as the base of the sneaker reinforced with suede toe guard. The midsole of the shoe continues to be elevated in comparison to the rest of the sole to ensure the minimum stress on Achilles tendon. Although the ‘Federbein’ sole was revolutionary at its time, the new Style Rider features a new Rider Foam technology for improved support and padding.