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Nike SB Shane

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Nike SB Shane Sneakers

The Nike SB Shane is a skateboarding shoe named after professional skateboarder Shane O'Neill. It is part of the Nike SB line, which is specifically designed for skateboarders and inspired by skate culture. The Nike SB Shane was first released in 2019 and has been popular with skaters and sneaker enthusiasts ever since.

The Nike SB line worked with professional skateboarders to design shoes that met their requirements. Shane O'Neill is a professional skateboarder from Australia known for his technical skills and innovative tricks. He was sponsored by Nike SB and worked with the brand to design his own shoe. The Nike SB Shane is inspired by the classic Nike SB Janoski, but has some modifications to better suit Shane O'Neill's style and performance.

The Nike SB Shane is a popular model among both skateboarders and sneaker enthusiasts because of its combination of style and performance. It is an example of how Nike SB collaborates with professional skateboarders to design shoes specifically tailored to the demands of the sport and the culture surrounding it.

Does the Nike SB Shane fit true to size?

Overall, the Nike SB Shane falls true to size.

Is the Nike SB Shane good for skateboarding?

The Nike SB Shane is a skate shoe that is highly functional, which is why it has been voted one of the best skate shoes. This shoe has a unique insole and uses a custom double lacing and a reconstructed sole with efficient perforations for ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry while skateboarding. For those who prefer a sturdier material, a premium variant is available that offers the same performance as the canvas version, but with a leather upper.