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Nike SB Check

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Nike SB Check Sneakers

The Nike SB Check is a skate shoe from Nike that is designed as an affordable and durable option for skateboarders.

The Check was introduced as a low, lightweight skate shoe, with an upper of durable canvas and a rubber sole for grip on the skateboard. The model is available in different colour combinations and features the iconic Nike logo on the side.

Although the Nike SB Check was not Nike's first skate shoe, it has become a staple of the Nike SB line. The sneaker is often used by novice skateboarders because of its affordability and durability, but is also worn by more experienced skaters.

Since the introduction of the Nike SB Check, several updates and new versions have been released, including the Nike Check Solarsoft. The Nike SB Check remains a popular choice among skateboarders of all levels because of its comfort, durability and price.

Does the Nike SB Check fit true to size?

The Nike SB Check generally falls true to size.