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Introducing the Internationalist

As a long-distance running shoe, the Nike Internationalist gained fame after its debut on the feet of marathon runner Alberto Salazar during the 1982 New York Marathon. With durability and comfort, the Internationalist was designed to meet the needs of long-distance runners.

Known for its comfort and retro aesthetic, it has long been a classic in the Nike lineup. With its longstanding popularity beyond its original athletic purpose, the Internationalist is today regarded as a lifestyle shoe.

The Internationalist Design

The Nike Internationalist is a vivid example of how functionality merges with timeless style. Key features include the comfortable, durable upper made from nylon, mesh, and suede. In keeping with Nike's running heritage, the Waffle outsole provides excellent traction and durability. The classic Nike swoosh on the side adds an element of iconic style. The low-profile silhouette and padded collar make it a comfortable and snug fit. Combined with a variety of colours, these features make the Internationalist an enduring favourite.

Rise In Popularity

Through TV commercials and iconic films, Nike Internationalist gained recognition and popularity. The shoe's first major public exposure came from Nike's first-ever TV commercial during the 1982 New York Marathon.

Later, the Internationalist appeared in the cult classic movie "The Breakfast Club", where one of the main characters wore it during a memorable dance scene. The appearance in "The Breakfast Club" reinforced the Internationalist's status as a fashionable and iconic sneaker.