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The New Balance XC-72

Taking inspiration from the past and establishing a new direction, the New Balance XC-72 was introduced in 2021. As part of New Balance's lifestyle lineup, it is heavily influenced by retro-futuristic aesthetics from 1970s concept cars, and bold, experimental designs from that time.

In addition to the angular silhouette, the daring outsole extends over the sneaker's toe and heel, a nod to its vintage inspiration.

The New Balance XC-72 is a model that pushes the boundaries of traditional sneaker design while paying homage to its historical influences.

New Balance XC-72 Design

Featuring retro inspiration and modern design elements, the New Balance XC-72 stands out among sneaker models.

Incorporating an angular design and an extended outsole that wraps around the toe and heel, its distinctive silhouette pays tribute to 1970s concept cars' visionary style, while injecting a contemporary twist into the design.

Split outsoles with two contrasting tread patterns add visual appeal and traction. The upper combines durable materials like suede, mesh, and nylon, offering textural contrast and functional durability.

This design complexity is balanced by the XC-72's array of colorways, catering to a variety of tastes and styles. With colorways such as 'Castlerock ' a very versatile color, and 'Summer Fog' a soft, pastel hue, New Balance embodies wearable art and innovative design.

Collaborations on the XC-72

The New Balance XC-72 has been the canvas for notable collaborations with fashion brands Auralee and Casablanca. They exemplify the versatility of the XC-72, showing how it can seamlessly transition from minimalist sophistication to bold luxury.

Auralee's commitment to quality and understated elegance is reflected in the New Balance XC-72 x Auralee collaboration. Available in 'Blue' and 'Brown' colorways, the designs showcase a monochromatic look that reflects Auralee's minimalist and versatile style.

The three colorways, 'Red Yellow', 'Orange Green', and 'Marshmallow Brilliant White' feature Casablanca's signature motifs alongside their iconic monogram prints, making each piece a statement in leisure luxury.