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Mason Garments Brand

Mason Garments combines Italian craftsmanship with contemporary design to create high-quality footwear that combines elegance with streetwear aesthetics.

In order to create a distinctive look, the brand draws inspiration from classic silhouettes while adding modern touches to create a unique approach to sneaker design.

It gained popularity for combining fashion and sportswear in its designs. Mason Garments sneakers use full-grain leather and suede that is meticulously crafted.

Its minimalistic yet bold designs earned Mason Garments recognition in the sneaker community during its early years.

Mason Garments is known for their gold-tipped aglet emblem, a signature component on their sneakers.

Due to Mason Garments' attention to detail and commitment to quality, they quickly gained a reputation as one of the top luxury sneaker brands. It is made with the finest materials from Italy.

Full-grain calfskin leather is used by the best tanneries in Italy and the upper is made with an Italian tub sole.

As part of the 'sacchetto' technique, the insole and lining are sewn directly into the leather upper using a moccasin-type leather inner shoe that wraps around the foot.

Over the years, Mason Garments has expanded its product line to include a number of sneaker styles tailored to different styles and preferences.

The brand offers a wide range of options for sneaker enthusiasts, from sleek low-tops to chunky mid-tops.

In the 1990s, Rendi Aditia was constantly exposed to luxury goods, mainly through his mother and older brother, both of whom wore high-end clothing, but also through the window of a luxury shoe boutique at de Bijenkorf, where he worked.

Mason Garments is a luxury shoe company that Aditia founded in Amsterdam in order to recreate the feeling of being surrounded by luxury. Mason Garments creates high-end luxury shoes that reflect the style of Aditia.

A luxury sneaker brand with a strong creative vision, Mason Garments has collaborated with a number of high-profile artists and designers in recent years.

In addition to offering maximum comfort, luxury, and style, Mason Garments shoes also come with ribbed soles, which give them a sporty vibe.

Several of Mason Garments' most popular models include the Tia, Firenze, Genova, and Torino, so anyone looking for a professional and stylish look will love these shoes.

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Did you know?

Mason Garments' success can be attributed to its ability to bridge the gap between luxury and streetwear, providing both stylish and versatile sneakers.

Because of its commitment to quality materials and attention to detail, it has gained a reputation for being a favourite among people seeking high-end footwear with a distinctive look.

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