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Karhu M Runner

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The Karhu M-Runner

Designed in collaboration with Vyner Articles, this model is an ode to 70s rock and heavy metal. This Finnish collaboration represents the essence of collaborative design, combining all classic visual elements in a seamless and organic way to create the Karhu x Vyner M-Runner model. This silhouette combines the visual feelings of 1970s metal and rock into one unique-looking sneaker while maintaining the classic Karhu visual and technical elements.

Does the Karhu M-Runner fit true to size?

A half-size up might be a good idea with the Karhu M-Runner since it runs a bit small in order to ensure optimal comfort.

Is Karhu M-Runner comfortable?

This model will keep you looking stylish as well as stable and secure with a well-cushioned running sneaker while you stroll through the streets.