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Filling Pieces Brand

Filling Pieces is a contemporary sneaker brand founded by Guillaume Philibert in 2009. Based in Amsterdam, the brand offers luxury sneakers with a focus on craftsmanship and unique design aesthetics.

Traveling the world to expand his knowledge inspired Philibert to draw inspiration from people's daily lives and individual styles.

Offering a wide range of distinctive and modern sneakers that are perfect for both men and women, as well as boots and sandals, Filling Pieces is known for their classic black and white designs, as well as their more colourful pieces.

Handmade is Portugal, the sneakers are always made with the best quality using the best Italian materials, such as nubuck and soft suede.

Sneaker Design

A Filling Pieces sneaker's distinctive and contemporary design sets it apart from the rest. Its minimalist aesthetics, clean lines, and unique architectural elements help it stand out from the crowd.

Along with premium materials including nubuck and suede, Filling Pieces sneakers are crafted in Portugal from leather and exotic skins so that they are luxurious and durable.

The midfoot strap is one of the key design elements of Filling Pieces sneakers. With this strap, the sneakers are given a recognisable look while adding style, support, and customisation. A cushioned insole and ergonomic construction ensure a comfortable fit all day long.

The History Of Filling Pieces

filling pieces design


Designing footwear to bridge the gap between high-end fashion and streetwear, Filling Pieces was founded by Guillaume Philibert in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Additionally, Filling Pieces releases its first collection of handmade sneakers, the Low Top, showcasing premium materials and unique designs.

filling pieces sneaker


As the brand gains international recognition, it begins to establish itself on the sneaker market.

filling pieces global


The brand expands its product line and increases availability in international markets, solidifying its position in the industry and opening itself up for future collaborations and massive growth.

filling pieces black and white low top


With its clean lines and minimalist design, the "Low Top" becomes one of Filling Pieces' signature silhouettes. The "Mountain Cut" silhouette, inspired by hiking boots, is also introduced. The brand's first collaboration, with Amsterdam-based ETQ, results in a limited edition shoe called the "Low Top Aztec".

filling pieces store


In 2015, Filling Pieces opened its first flagship store in Amsterdam, further cementing its position in the global sneaker scene.

filling pieces united arrow & sons


A collaboration with UNITED ARROWS & SONS produces three silhouettes that are well received by the community.

filling pieces clothing


Besides sneakers, the brand offers clothing and accessories to complement its footwear offerings.

filling pieces sustainable court silhouette


Focusing on more sustainable materials and responsible methods of sourcing, a new Court silhouette is unveiled that includes features like a PET mesh lining, recycled cork insoles, and organic cotton laces with a beeswax coating.

Filling Pieces Today

Its product offering has expanded over the past few years, offering footwear like boots and sandals. Limited-edition releases have been the result of collaborations that fuse the aesthetics of influential brands and designers, including PUMA and Barneys New York.

As part of their brand identity, Filling Pieces prioritises sustainability. The company uses recycled materials and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, for example. They use eco-friendly practices and materials in their production processes.

With a presence in premium boutiques and retailers worldwide, the brand has successfully expanded with a global following, further establishing Filling Pieces in the sneaker market.

Did you know?

Guillaume Philibert, the founder of Filling Pieces, was only 19 years old when he developed the first prototype and launched the brand.