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FILA Brand

With a long history of providing quality craftsmanship and innovative design in performance-focused shoes for various sports, FILA offers a wide variety of athletic and lifestyle sneakers that combine functionality with style.

Founded in Italy in 1911, the brand has become a trusted name in sportswear by combining athletic performance with fashion-forward style.

FILA Technology

FILA's Breathable Quarter features lightweight and breathable mesh in the upper, encouraging ventilation and comfort.

Their Energized Rubber technology is specially engineered to provide shock absorption and bounce back. It reduces impact while enhancing energy return, resulting in a relaxed and effective stride. Its cushioning and responsiveness make it ideal for runners and athletes across a range of sports.

Lastly, the brand's Molded Forefoot Cage provides additional support and durability by wrapping over the mesh upper. Its cross pattern allows air to circulate, resulting in a breathable and lightweight support system in the forefoot.

The History Of FILA

fila factory


Founded by the FILA brothers Gianevero, Antonio, and Francesco in 1911 in Biella, Italy, the brand starts as a textile manufacturer for local trade. But it wasn't until 1970s that FILA began producing the sportswear it's known for today.

fila sportswear


Under the leadership of managing director Enrico Frachey, the brand launches its now legendary sportswear collection 'White Line' in 1973, and the iconic F-Box logo is created based on 70's American Pop Art.

In 1976, Bjorn Borg wins his first of five consecutive Wimbledons wearing FILA, giving the brand a huge boost in popularity. It becomes known as a trusted brand for tennis fans and professional athletes.



In the 80s, FILA became popular among Hip-Hop and R&B artists. The trend of wearing the brand's tracksuits as a casual outfit was reinforced by the music videos of various artists, including LL Cool J and Run DMC.

fila grant hill sneakers


In 1994 the brand began a partnership with the basketball player Grant Hill after he was selected to play for Detroit. On the field he wore FILA sneakers and got several variations on his own model: the Grant Hill.

The Grant Hill sneakers became instantly popular on the West Coast when Tupac Shakur wore a pair to promote his new album 'All Eyez On Me'.

With its bold and chunky silhouette, the Disruptor launches in 1996 and becames a cult sensation.

fila disruptor 2


The brand opens their first two flagship stores in Milan and London in 2001, ahead of the opening of 40 more retail outlets in Europe.

In 2006, the brand launches a golf collection called FILA Biella that includes both shoes and apparel.

The Disruptor 2 became popular for its 'dad shoe' vibe and was perfectly on-trend for the chunky sneaker takeover at the end of the 00s.

fila running

FILA Today

In order to maintain its popularity, Fila continues to innovate, collaborate, and release retro-inspired releases.

It caters to modern consumers' needs and taps into nostalgia-driven fashion trends by introducing new footwear technologies, collaborating with renowned designers, and reissuing classic models from its archives.

As a trendsetter, Fila's distinctive design continues to elevate its popularity and challenge the prevalent aesthetic of athletic shoes.

Did you know?

As a result of a mistake, FILA became the second-largest basketball shoe seller in 1996, after Nike.

FILA established itself in the tennis community as an elite brand after signing a 1975 contract with tennis legend Bjorn Borg. Only available in select stores, they portrayed a luxurious image.

Due to an inventory problem, FILA sold its products at a significant discount in 1988, making them more affordable. As a result of the company's popularity among casual basketball players, it began designing basketball shoes.

Sponsorships of NBA players and FILA Grand Hill's popularity made the company an icon.