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In 2010, Patrick Van der Woude and Hugo Castermans started the ETQ brand in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

At the time, the duo both worked in fashion stores with footwear in the luxury segment and were annoyed by the high prices of luxury shoes that, in their view, were often not even of high quality.

Together, Van der Woude and Castermans started ETQ - a brand that would bridge the gap in the market. Designed with an eye for quality and durability, the sneakers are affordably priced.

Models like the Lowtop 1 (LT01), Low Top 3 and and the loafer LS O1 are still very popular among sneaker lovers.

ETQ's sneakers distinguish themselves in their simplicity and minimalist designs.

The models use high-quality materials such as leather and suede.

In addition to sneakers, the brand also designs loafers, boots, clothing and accessories.

All designs feature the ETQ logo.

The History of ETQ

A fairly young company compared to many sneaker brands, ETQ debuted in 2010.

Founded by Patrick van der Woude and Hugo Castermans, the brand had a flying start. Its minimalist designs were one of a kind and exuded luxury. Although ETQ's sneakers fell under the luxury segment, the models did not have the same price tags as their competitors' sneakers.

ETQ opens its flagship store at the Singel in Amsterdam. The store has a minimalist interior - something that fits well with ETQ's DNA.

After ETQ was declared bankrupt in late 2022, it is announced shortly afterwards that the brand would have a relaunch with the help of investor Sébastian Monteban.

Today, ETQ's sneakers are still available online at various retailers.