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DC Shoes

DC Shoes' sneakers play a significant role in skate culture.

Founded in 1994 in Vista by Damon Way and Ken Block, the brand quickly conquered the California coast.

Created with skate culture in mind, the sneakers came with wide fits, chunky tongues and chunky designs.

Now, some decades after its founding, DC Shoes is still a well-known brand within the sneaker community.

DC Shoes' sneakers are easily recognisable with their wide and chunky fit.

Popular models like the Court Graffik, Stag and Net are characterised by their thick tongue.

Premium materials like leather, nubuck and suede are used in the construction of the brand's sneakers, with foam padding in the tongue and collar adding comfort and support.

Ventilation holes for breathability are another added feature, as is the chunky outsole which provides extra grip in the halfpipe.

The History of DC Shoes

In 1989, college friends Ken Block and Damon Way began screen printing T-shirts. The duo began under the name Eightball, a name already claimed by a company elsewhere in America at the time. The company was rebranded as Droors Clothing, a name that would later be changed again to DC Shoes.

The DC Shoes brand was soon embraced by professional skateboarders in and around California. By the late 1990s, the brand's chunky sneakers were an integral part of skate culture.

The brand also caught the eye of rock band Linkin Park, who collaborated on their own DC Shoes Axel colorway in 2003.

In 2011, the brand received its current logo, marked by the letters D and C with the star next to them.

Did you know?

Founder Damon Way's brother, Danny Way, is a professional skateboarder.

The skater is known for his "Big Air tricks," extreme stunts such as jumping into a skateboard ramp from a helicopter and jumping the Great Wall of China on a skateboard.

He's also been awarded Thrasher Magazine's 'Skater of the Year' award twice!