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Introducing ASICS

ASICS is a Japanese athletic apparel and footwear brand that was founded in the 1940s, originally under the name Onitsuka before a merger in 1977.

Athletes of all levels can benefit from ASICS' commitment to technological innovation, performance-driven designs, and comfort and support.

A number of athletes have become associated with the brand over the years. The list includes Kenji Kimihara, Derek Crayton, Lasse Viren, among others.

ASICS Technology

In recent years, ASICS has innovated and expanded its sneaker lineup, introducing new technologies and updated existing models to further enhance performance and comfort.

Cushioning systems are often included in Asics sneakers, such as the ASICS GEL cushioning system, which provides superior shock absorption and reduces injury risk during high-impact activities. With FlyteFoam technology, ASICS offers lightweight cushioning and energy return.

Aside from this, ASICS shoes promote natural foot movement and stability by using breathable materials and seamless construction, such as knit uppers.

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The History Of ASICS

Founder of Onitsuka Tiger


This year marked the beginning of everything. Onitsuka Co. Ltd., now known as Asics worldwide, was founded by Japanese entrepreneur Kihachiro Onitsuka. Onitsuka introduced Japanese basketball shoes for the first time. Since there were no specialists in sports shoes at that time in Japan, it was a unique moment.


The first basketball shoe was inspired by the suction cups of an octopus tentacle in 1951. After the shoe became so popular in Japan, Onitsuka claimed he held 50% of the shoe market. With a suction cup outsole, the company released its first basketball shoe, the Tiger Basketball Shoe.

Tokyo 1964 Olympics


Following the Tokyo Olympics, Onitsuka became widely recognized for its shoes provided to the Japanese Olympic team. In 1966, it released the iconic "Mexico 66" sneaker, which later became a brand icon.

Asics and the companies under the group


ASICS Corporation was formed when Onitsuka merged with GTO and Jelenk. ASICS stands for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, Latin for 'a sound mind in a sound body', which reflects the company's commitment to promoting active and healthy lifestyles.

Poster of the introduction of Asics Gel series


With the "GT-II" running shoe, ASICS brings comfort and support to the market.

Asics Gel Lyte III first release


A split tongue design and ASICS' innovative GEL cushioning system are featured in the "GEL-Lyte III".

Evolution of the Gel series


"GEL-Nimbus" is introduced, quickly becoming popular among runners for its plush cushioning and long-distance comfort. In 2007, ASICS released "GEL-Kinsei", a high-performance running shoe with advanced technologies.


A collaboration with fashion designer Kiko Kostadinov brought innovative and fashion-forward sneakers to the market in 2018. Moreover, ASICS reissued the "GEL-Lyte V" a retro-inspired, comfortable sneaker. Originally focused on basketball shoes, ASICS quickly gained popularity among athletes worldwide with its growing product line of running shoes, training footwear, and athletic gear.


Known for their performance-oriented designs and technical features, ASICS sneakers incorporate cutting-edge technology and materials to maximize comfort, support, and performance.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the globe continue to love ASICS sneakers. In addition to sponsoring elite athletes and events, ASICS has maintained a strong presence in the running community through collaborations with designers and brands such as Kiko Kostadinov and Vivienne Westwood.

In order to reduce their impact on the environment, ASICS uses eco-friendly materials and manufactures their products using energy-efficient manufacturing practices.

This is just the beginning for ASICS, which currently ranks among the top five athletic shoe companies of all time. It will be exciting to see more legendary designs emerge soon, such as the ASICS Gel-Lyte III, ASICS Gel-Nimbus, ASICS Novablast, and ASICS Gel-Kayano.

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