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Arkk Copenhagen Spyqon

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The Arkk Copenhagen Spyqon

The Spyqon is a sneaker model from Danish brand Arkk Copenhagen. It is a unisex model available in different colours and styles. It is characterised by its minimalist design, using high-quality material.

The one-piece FutureGrid upper is seamless and has a sock-fit design, ensuring a comfortable fit and a modern look. The Spyqon has no traditional lacing, but round elastic nylon no-tie laces. It also has an innovative insole with soft cushions that provide extra cushioning and support and a HOVER-X1 outsole.

In short, the Spyqon is a trendy and comfortable sneaker for everyday use and for various sports activities.

How does the Arkk Copenhagen Spyqon fall?

The Spyqon falls true to size according to Arkk itself.