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Arkk Copenhagen Scorpitex

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The Arkk Copenhagen Scorpitex

The Scorpitex is one of the newer models from Danish sneaker brand Arkk Copenhagen. The model was first released in 2018 and has since become a popular choice among Arkk fans.

The Scorpitex is designed to offer comfort and performance in a stylish and versatile sneaker. The model's upper is made of breathable mesh, making it suitable for all sports conditions. The shoe has a lacing inspired by that of hiking boots instead of traditional laces, providing a sleek and streamlined look.

The design of the Scorpitex is inspired by the classic running shoe, but with a modern twist. Designed with functionality in mind, it features a lightweight sole that provides comfort and support while running.

Although the Scorpitex does not have as long a history as some of Arkk Copenhagen's other models, it has quickly become a fixture in the brand's collection.

All in all, the Arkk Copenhagen Scorpitex is a great addition to the brand's range of sneakers and has established itself as one of the brand's most popular models.

How does the Arkk Copenhagen Scorpitex fit?

The Scorpitex falls small according to Arkk itself, so it is recommended to go up a size.