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Introduction of Arkk Copenhagen Sneakers

There's a Scandinavian history to the name ARKK. Scandinavian sailors always lead the way to new places and opportunities, whatever the situation is. Embroidered in the shape of a ship bow, the letter 'A' on these shoes symbolizes future paths and innovation, guiding each owner on their personal journey.

On a summer night, ARKK Copenhagen was founded with the goal of creating a sneaker that was comfortable, functional, and embodied the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity. A collaboration between designers Thomas Refdahl and Kasper Hj Rasmussen blossomed in 2014. Being innovative and making the best modern sneaker in the world is what ARKK Copenhagen is all about.

Construction of the Arkk Sneakers

In addition to having a well-thought-out silhouette and minimalist details, Arkk sneakers are perfectly suited to modern living. They use only the finest materials to craft their sneakers, and each sneaker is designed for maximum comfort. As Arkk Copenhagen is committed to sustainability, its shoes are made of recycled and eco-friendly materials, and it adheres to a rigorous animal welfare policy.

The History Of ARKK Copenhagen


Denmark's ARKK Copenhagen was founded by Kasper Høj Rasmussen and Thomas Refdahl.

Raven shoe in nature


ARKK introduces its first sneaker model, the Raven, featuring a clean and minimalist design.

Arkk Copenhagen Asymtric White


The Asymtrix and Lion models expand ARKK Copenhagen's product line.

Arkk Copenhagen Raven


A new Raven FG 2.0 features an upgraded silhouette with improved materials and construction.

Arkk Copenhagen Velcalite


Featuring lightweight materials and a unique lacing system, the Velcalite model is a new offering from the brand.

Arkk Copenhagen Pythron


With the Pythron model, ARKK Copenhagen combines athletic performance with fashion-forward design.

Arkk Copehagen Eaglezero S-E15


With the Eaglezero S-E15, the brand introduces a sneaker known for its innovative materials and comfort-oriented design.

ARKK Copenhagen Today

ARKK Copenhagen has always taken its journey as an adventure, and they have always pushed themselves to their limits to find out what is possible. They believe that there is always something new to discover, and they are committed to providing quality products with an innovative and forward-thinking ethos. Their passion and dedication have made them an international shoe industry leader. Whether it's the team in Copenhagen or the team in Vietnam, they're all dedicated to offering you the best shoes with popular models such as Arkk Raven, Arkk Lyron, and Arkk Avory.

Did you know?

In order to name the shoe models, ARKK Copenhagen uses a unique method. Each sneaker is assigned a three-letter code instead of a traditional name. Using the initials of a city that inspired the design or concept of the shoe model, the brand draws inspiration from numerous cities around the world renowned for their architecture, culture, and fashion. In addition to highlighting their design's global influence, this naming convention also adds a unique and recognizable element to ARKK Copenhagen's brand identity, connecting the sneakers with specific cities and evoking a sense of urban style and inspiration.