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Alexander McQueen

The high-end brand Alexander McQueen made its grand entrance into the world of sneakers in 2015.

The introduction of the Alexander McQueen Oversized, a sneaker with a remarkably wide sole, caught the attention of sneaker lovers worldwide.

The silhouette gave new meaning to the term "chunky sneakers" and is still very popular nearly a decade later, as are other models from the collection.

Alexander McQueen's sneakers can be recognised by their streamlined and modern designs.

The most popular silhouette, the Alexander McQueen Oversized, comes with an enlarged midsole that provides extra cushioning and comfort.

The timeless designs of the sneakers still make the shoes very popular with many.

The History of Alexander McQueen


British designer Alexander McQueen starts his own eponymous brand. McQueen was known for his distinct designs that combined modern elements with classic Renaissance clothing.

McQueen used diverse (and sometimes somewhat dramatic) shapes, patterns and materials in his collections. The colour red often took centre stage, as did the shades of white and black.


Alexander McQueen shows his first collection called "Taxi Driver," inspired by Martin Scorsese's film. The collection had a somewhat gothic theme and attracted a lot of attention.

It was also evident in the runways that followed that McQueen drew a lot of inspiration from the theatre and film scene from England.


After McQueen worked at Givenchy for an extended period of time, the designer came out with his own men's collection in 2004 under the name Alexander McQueen.

In the same year, Alexander was named "Designer of the Year" by GQ Magazine.

Alexander McQueen Today

After the death of Alexander McQueen in 2010, the brand made a big comeback in 2015 with the introduction of the Alexander McQueen Oversized sneaker.

The pair came with a chunky midsole and was an instant hit.

The sneakers are still very popular today.

Did you know?

Alexander McQueen was responsible for many of David Bowie's designs!