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Air Jordan Brand

As a result of its association with basketball legend Michael Jordan and his extraordinary performances on the court, the Jordan Brand became popular and is still popular today.

With its iconic sneakers selling out almost immediately after they are released, the Air Jordan brand has become a global phenomenon.

In addition to transcending sports, Air Jordan brand has become an integral part of sneaker culture and streetwear.

Air Jordans are often endorsed and displayed by celebrities, influencers, and athletes, further amplifying their appeal.

Sneaker Design & Technology

Jordan Brand sneakers are known for their innovative use of Nike Air cushioning technology.

In this technology, pressurised air units are embedded within the shoe's sole, which enhances comfort and impact absorption. In addition to being functional, this design element also adds to the sneakers' visual appeal.

A key feature of the Air Jordan line is the Jumpman logo, depicting Michael Jordan in mid-dunk. As well as being a symbol of global recognition, this logo has become synonymous with the brand.

They utilise a variety of high-quality materials, including leather, suede, and synthetic fabrics. In addition to being durable, these materials look good and perform well on the basketball court.

The History Of Air Jordan Brand

Portrait image of Peter Moore


Peter Moore designed and produced the very first Jordan Brand sneakers.

1985s AJ1


The Air Jordan 1 Low and High were released. Despite its popularity and attention, the Air Jordan 1 is banned by the NBA for violating uniform rules.

Vintage Air Jordan 2 image


Continuing the success of the previous Air Jordan launch, the Air Jordan 2 was released this year, an Italian-made model without the Nike swoosh. Michael Jordan once scored 61 points wearing these sneakers.

Air Jordan 3 sketches


Now designed by Tinker Hatfield, and featuring a never-before-seen Jumpman logo, the Air Jordan 3 was a one-of-a-kind pair. Instead of the Nike Air logo, there was a Nike Air logo at the heel.

Jordan Air Jordan 5 Retro high-top


Featuring a reflective tongue and a translucent outsole, the Air Jordan 5 is inspired by World War II fighter jets.

First drawings of Air Jordan 11


During Michael Jordan's return to basketball and in the movie "Space Jam," the Air Jordan 11 with patent leather construction and a carbon fiber plate becomes a cultural phenomenon.

Air Jordan XX8 Gym Red/White product picture


During the second Air Jordan 1 Retro run in the 2000s, Jordan introduced retro models based on the original colourways. Moreover, it introduced models such as the XX8, and the re-release of the AJ11 ‘Space Jam’.

Jordan Brand Today

Jordan's popularity around the world and its ability to resonate with diverse cultures and markets have led to the Air Jordan sneaker's success beyond the U.S. Modern Air Jordan sneakers have been successful due to their combination of rich brand heritage, innovative design, strategic marketing, and the ability to remain relevant and desirable in an ever-changing sneaker market.

Did you know?

On 18 October 1984, Jordan wore a red and black Air Jordan 1, which was in violation of several rules (shoes had to match those of teammates, and 51% white was required), so he was banned from playing.

Nike launched an advertising campaign for the 'Banned' colorway of the Air Jordan 1 as soon as it became aware of the controversy, changing the sneaker world forever.

On the field that day, Jordan wore the Nike Air Ship, which had a strikingly similar silhouette to the Air Jordan 1.