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The adidas Yeezy Slide

Designed by adidas and Kanye West, the adidas Yeezy Slide redefine casual footwear with their minimalist design and unparalleled comfort. The slides quickly rose to iconic status after being released in December 2019, blending high fashion with everyday wear. As well as adidas' commitment to quality and innovation, Yeezy's unique aesthetics contribute to their popularity.

Featuring a single piece of EVA foam, the Yeezy Slide offer a comfortable, durable, and lightweight footbed. The adidas Yeezy Slides have gained popularity for their distinctive look and the prestige of the Yeezy brand, making them a sought-after footwear item among sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

The Design of Yeezy Slide

A harmonious combination of minimalist design and functional elegance makes the adidas Yeezy Slide a staple in footwear history. The slide is constructed from soft yet durable EVA foam, providing unparalleled comfort and a sleek look. With an ergonomic support and snug fit, the shoe's simplicity is complemented by a sophisticated silhouette, featuring a wide, foot-hugging band and subtly contoured footbed.

The adult models boast a sleek, uninterrupted design, while the kids' versions include an adjustable strap, which makes them easy for younger people to wear comfortably and securely. In addition to its distinctive aesthetic, this slide provides enhanced traction through its textured outsole, so it can be used indoors and outdoors. A thoughtful integration of style, comfort, and practicality makes the adidas Yeezy Slide stand out in contemporary footwear.

adidas Yeezy Slide releases

With three colorways, 'Desert Sand', 'Bone', and 'Resin', the adidas Yeezy Slide debuted in December 2019. The 'Desert Sand' colorway features a neutral earthy tone complementing the slide's minimalist aesthetic while the 'Resin' boasts a muted green hue. Among them, the 'Bone' became the most sought-after colorway with its creamy white tone, versatile and clean.

The 'Core' light brown and 'Soot' dark brown followed in 2020 extending the earthy tones of the Slide lines. In 2021, the 'Enflamed Orange' colorway offered a pop of colour to the Yeezy Slide portfolio kick-starting the introduction of bright bold colours such as the 'Azure' blue and 'Glow Green' neon hue.

At the Donda 2 listening event, the 'Onyx' colorway was introduced, complementing the all-black dress code.

The year 2023 brought new versions of the Yeezy Slides with the addition of 'Slate Grey' and 'Granite' while a 'Salt' colorway rocking a blue-grey hue is scheduled for 2024.